Each year, PrivateLessons.com, a leading network connecting the public with independent music teachers, receives countless requests from people who wish to give music lessons as a gift to a loved one, generally from one adult to another.

When planning such a gift, consider the following:

* Purchase music lessons as a short course, five to ten lessons. This will help your loved one enjoy learning favorite pieces or songs, eliminating frustration of trying to accomplish the feat in one lesson.

* Depending on geographic region, lessons may range from $30 to $60 per hour.

* Independent music teachers on PrivateLessons.com network offer a variety of options, including half-hour lessons as well as workshops that may range from $100 to $250.

“I have had hundreds of adult students over the years and noticed that only those who make an upfront commitment to a minimum period of study gather enough momentum to continue. Giving music lessons as a gift is one way to help the busy, overwhelmed adult learner in YOUR life a chance at achieving their dream of being able to play an instrument well,” commented Alex Adrian, a Newburyport, Massachusetts based PrivateLessons.com member.

Courtesy of PrivateLessons.com, a membership-based network of independent music teachers across the United States and Canada. Free of charge, the public can search for and contact available instructors in their area who offer traditional one-on-one music lessons.

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