Genre: Comedy, family, fantasy

Rating: PG

Release Date: Nov. 21

Actors: Mike Myers, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Preston, Spencer Breslin, Sean Hayes, Dakota Fanning, Amy Hill.

Director: Bo Welch

Plot: Bossy Sally and rule-breaking Conrad live with their mom, Joan. On Saturday, Joan is planning to host a party for her work. Her boss asks Joan to come in to work, so the mom leaves the kids at home with a baby-sitter. Suddenly, the two kids hear a bang and soon find a tall cat in a striped hat. Then the kids go on an adventure that teaches them how to have fun.

Good: This movie is really funny. Mike Myers plays the cat, and all of the characters are perfectly placed. There is humor for both kids and adults. The movie pulls you into its fantasyland and keeps you there until the end.

Bad: The bad thing about this movie is the crude things that it has the kids doing, and the things that it has the cat doing. From destroying their house to some of the dirty jokes, this movie has many things that adults may find inappropriate for young children.

Bottom line: This movie is fun for everyone to watch. Although there are many inappropriate jokes, they are hidden well, and kids probably won’t understand. There are not just dirty jokes; there are jokes for kids too. I feel that this is a very funny movie and that all ages will enjoy it, but parents should decide for themselves.

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