No one likes to do windows with ordinary household glass cleaners that leave streaks behind. The Hope Company, manufacturers of premium home care products, has developed these suggestions to help you obtains perfect glass and mirrors every time:

1) Use a premium glass cleaner and avoid formulations with ammonia or vinegar. Check labels for these two common ingredients which can cause streaks. Ammonia may also damage tinted windows, frames and other surfaces.

2) Use cheap paper towels. Premium brand paper towels may be more absorbent but can contain wetting agents, dyes and other additives which may rub off on glass to cause streaks.

Foget newspapers, since they tend to leave ink smears on surfaces and hands.

3) Use plenty of glass cleaner and paper towels. To get the best results with minimal effort, thoroughly wet the surface with cleaner, then use two paper towels at a time to clean. When the paper towels are saturated and diety, throw them away and staret fresh with a couple more.

4) Work quickly, especially on hot, sunny days. Heat causes glass cleaners to evaporate faster, so divide large areas into smaller ones. Tohroughly clean eash section before moving on to the next.

5) Keep it clean. Dirt attracts more dirt, so take care to keep surfaces clean, especially exterior windows. Dirt left over time becomes harder to remove, and some types can etch the glass causing permanent damage.

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