(ARA) – Planning on tackling a do-it-yourself project? Professionals will advise you: “Don’t cut corners – do it right the first time.” The proper planning and right materials will ensure a longer lasting project. One home improvement product often overlooked by do-it-yourselfers is construction adhesive.

“Using a construction adhesive reduces the number of overall nails and screws needed to complete a project or repair,” says Glen Kaszubski, research and development director for Liquid Nails. “This application increases durability, longevity and improves overall project appearance.”

For example, using Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive will prevent common household problems such as squeaky floors, loose trim and molding and poorly secured kitchen and bathroom countertops.

When building major outdoor structures such as a room addition, a gazebo or a deck, this heavy duty adhesive is designed with flexibility. This allows the structure’s foundation to expand and contract in fluctuating weather conditions.

Liquid Nails construction adhesives provide over 20 different formulas, each of which adheres to a specific surface. “Choosing the correct formula will greatly increase the success of a project,” says Kaszubski. “For under $5, you can’t ask for a better project insurance policy.”

For more information about Liquid Nails call (800) 634-0015 or log on to www.liquidnails.com. Click on the Hands-on Home Guide to receive a free 46-page how-to instructional booklet.

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