LEWISTON – Sisters of Charity Health System recently recognized nearly 250 employees with 20 or more years of service.

The employees celebrated the founding of the Sisters of Charity Health System 20+ Club – a virtual who’s who for local health care. A reception was held at the Lepage Conference Center to welcome members.

“You bring a commitment to your patients, Sisters of Charity Health System and the community that is truly remarkable,” said Jim Cassidy, president and CEO of the system.

Sisters of Charity Health System serves the Androscoggin region through an array of medical and social services.

Members of the 20+ Club include:

1950s: Therese Morin (1952), Madeleine Girardin (1959).

1960s: Francine Denis (1965), Patricia Perron (1965), Mary McGaw (1966), Frances Cloutier (1966), Joan Tardif (1966), Linda Tremblay (1968), Pauline Cote (1968), Marie Bizier (1968), Claudette Caron (1969), Janice Farrington (1969), Joseph Longtin (1969), Marjorie Lachance (1969).

1970: Marlene Racine, Pauline Pelletier, Gail Martel, Claire Anctil.

1971: Diane Putnam, Diane Beaulieu, Sandra Dumais, Carmen White, Jeannine Johansen, Yvonne Wilcox, Patricia Bechard, Harriet Strout, Susan Michaud, Estelle Martel.

1972: Claudette Rodrigue, Muriel Rivard, Loretta Bucci, Cecile Demers, Linda Therrien, Marc Boissonneault, Rosario Faucher.

1973: Janet Morin, Anne Leveque, Madeline Deblois, Helen Bellemore, Lonna Bowie, Dolores Poisson, Christine Lachance, Helen Murray.

1974: Susan Default, Patricia Turcotte, Suzelle Emerson, Patricia Poulin, Marcia Buswell, Cecile Mathieu, Louise Madore, Cathy Ouellette, Daniel Teixeira, Patsy Laliberte, Gayle Martin, Rita Mathieu.

1975: Joan Dehetre, Joan Teixeira, Doris Boyle, Carol Plourde, Winifred McMorrow, Diane Akers, Linda Arsenault, Linda Lavoie, Patricia Moore, Marie Abisalih, Dorothy Guild.

1976: Marilyn Davis, Monique Harvey, Judy Caron, Doris Rodrigue, Julia Bundy, Diane Allen, Rita Olson, Kimberly Dunn, Marie Boulanger, Carmen Castonguay, Julie Marcotte, Therese Boies, Theresa James, Linda Henault, Joline Landry, Suzanne Carpentier, Mary Ann Cormier, Barbara Caron, Pauline Ellis, Doris Chamberlain, Irene Ouellette, Louise Gravel.

1977: Debra Pelletier, Debra Perkins, Linda Provencher, Sandra Fletcher, Joanne Quint, Pauline Fortier, Nancy Sirois, Elizabeth Audet, Tina Pleau, Lynn Heathco, Daryl Whiting, Joanne Fuller, Laurie Henson, Rita Lemay, Claire Sawyer, Donna Brown, Nancy Simond.

1978: Robert Moody, Ronald Bellemore, Pauline Roberts, Janine Meservier, Rose Dulac, Suzanne Godbout, Irene Berube, Karen Hobson, Cynthia Aube, Richard Plourde, Jeannette Asselin, Shirley Perron, Maurice Perron, Linda Snow, Paul Blais, Lou Ann Currie, Maureen Armstrong, Joline Charest, Ivy Lee Brochu, Kenneth Rancourt, Diane Theriault, Ann Dwinal.

1979: Estella Gibbs, Thomas Henson, Lori Gondek, Deborah Bugel, Sandra Boutin, Henri Sehl, Vickie Hartford, Aleta Rioux, Debra Leeman, Jane Deangelis, Denise Libby, Lisa Mackenzie, Rita McGraw, Paul Rouleau, Lena Theriault, Deborah Hawksley, Rita Dorrington, Rachel Talarico, Nancy Pomeroy, Drucilla McAuley, Patricia Turmenne, Roger Caron, Therese Rodrigue, Robert Fournier.

1980: Cheryl Dam, Joan Ouellette, Judith Signer, Michele Brewer, Gina Chappell, Pauline St. Clair, Nancy Voisine, Julia Monier, Robert Kirouac, Margaret Doyon, Michelle Robitaille, Annette Gregoire, Laurie Mackenize, Kathleen Crosby, Marjorie Powell, Lucie Gilbert, Donna Paradis, Marcia Seger, Ronald Caron, Donna Harvey, Claudette Ferland, Lucille Tremblay, Claire Baker, Patricia Dufault, Marlene Whitten.

1981: C. Jean Lajoie, Susan Dagneau, Carolyn Bauer, Kathy Meserve, Suzanne Bussiere, Torey Murphy, Rhonda Huskins, Donald Picard, Karen Theberge, Catherine Caron, Verna Lasko, Joan Charette, Pauline Poulin.

1982: Tobie Violette, Joan Lepage, Rita Beaulieu, Lorraine Lavoie, Theresa Goulet, Raymond Gagnon, Germaine Desjardins, Nancy Carroll, Jeannette Beaulieu, Denise Deschenes, Jane Emery, Doris Jalbert.

1983: Claudette Reny, Kevin McKenna, Louise Champoux, Priscilla Sayce, Monique Hanlon, Renee Dumont, Roger Bourgoin, Linda Gondeck, Lisa Gwarjanski, Christine Cray, Sandra Nadeau, Richard Poulin, Tessa Duval.

1984: Jane Everett, Rachael Baril, Louise St. Pierre, Rejeanne Bosse, David Laberge, Rose Levasseur, Susan Rich, Diane Ouellette, Michael Paine, Sandra Parshall, Stephanie Buswell, Claire Levesque, Nancy Tyner, Judy Rousseau-Gagnon, Madeline Beaupre.

Sisters of Charity Health System is a member of Covenant Health Systems, a, Catholic health care system actively engaged in partnerships throughout the Northeast.

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