The old Pingree planning mill on Middle street, Lewiston, has been converted into one of the largest wholesale and retail houses of its kind in the state. It is known as the Builders’ Supply Co., and as its name implies, every namable thing used by contractors and builders may be found at this place. Handy to the railroad, with little or no trucking necessary either to or from the cars, this new business has opened under most favorable auspices and those who have visited the place predict a successful future for the company.

At about 9 o’clock last evening a team driven on Main street near the canal bridge and at a point about opposite E. P. Davis’ ticket office, became frightened at an automobile and plunged into a ditch, overturned the wagon throwing both occupants to the ground and stirring things up in general for a few minutes. A big crowd gathered and the horse was overpowered before it had a chance to get away.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Land in Lewiston was purchased yesterday by a Bath man for the construction of 50 prefabricated homes, with 20 of them scheduled for completion this year.

Burt S. Osgood of Bath, owner of the Osgood Co., yesterday completed negotiations for seven acres of land from Albert J. Simpson of 515 College St. The reported purchase price was $6,500 for the property between College Street and Central Avenue.

Osgood said he expects to have 20 of the one-story prefabricated homes completed this year and construction is scheduled to start July 1. Eventually 50 homes will be constructed in the area. The buildings will have foundations with “crawl-space” beneath in case owners want to construct cellars.

A similar project begun by Osgood is known as Garfield Terrace in Auburn where the prefabricated National Homes have been erected. Twenty houses, not yet built, have been sold at the Auburn site, he said.

25 Years Ago, 1979

The Lewiston and Auburn SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is initiating a campaign with the 9 Lives Co. to promote Adopt-a-Cat Month.

This program is designed to acquaint the public with the number of felines available through the shelter and proper care of these pets.

The cat food firm has provided the shelter with promotional packets with various items that will enable new owners to start with all the information necessary to keep their animals healthy.

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