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What would you do if you had Spider-Man’s abilities?

Poly Collins, Auburn, 33

“More than likely I’d probably exploit them for some monetary gain. Legal, monetary gain.”

Kalvin Gearhart, Augusta, 16

“I’d run around the city jumping.”

Aaron Foster, Lewiston, 17

“I’d probably just do what he does.”

George Wright, Auburn, 34

“I’d try to make money, somehow.”

Joe Loubier, Litchfield, 42 (owner of Zimmie’s)

“I’d make myself a costume. I don’t think I’d be a super-villain, I don’t have the heart for that.”

Dan Bailey, Lewiston, 19

“I’d be good and bad.” Maybe play out a few revenge fantasies, but, if someone needed help, “it’s probably good to help out.”

Christopher Akers, Lewiston, 29

“It looks like a lot of fun in the movies, so I’d do what he does.”

Vince Brock, Lewiston, 44

“Probably go to Hollywood to be a stuntman.”

Jeff Pease, Leeds, 24

“I’d do the same thing as Spider-Man, hopefully not risk such life and limb, but hey, you’ve got to be there” when people need you.

Sarah Brennick, Lewiston, 30

“I don’t know that I’d try to be a vigilante, (I might) try to work with the law.”

Carey Davis Jr., Lewiston, 33

“In all honesty, that kind of ability, I honestly don’t know. I’d like to think I’m morally upright enough to make that choice.”

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