TURNER – Expenses were less than expected and revenues more, resulting in $340,000 carried into the next fiscal year’s general fund, selectmen said this week.

They pointed out, however, that the town’s share of the school budget is rising and some portion of the surplus may be used for it. The final school budget figures were not yet available.

The town may also be faced with some fairly large costs because of firetrucks, Fire Chief Steve Fish told the board.

When the annual pump tests were done on the three frontline firetrucks, two failed. The 1991 truck in North Turner passed two of three tests and will cost $3,000 to $6,000 to fix. However, the 1981 truck at the South Station failed all three of the pump tests, Fish said.

The pump parts are no longer available and it may cost as much as $15,000 to fix. If that is the case, Fish said, he does not believe that the truck is worth fixing.

Selectmen asked him to take the truck to a garage to get the problems identified and a cost estimate done. The town currently has $41,000 set aside in the firetruck reserve account. A new one would cost between $160,000 and $260,000.

In other business, selectmen:

• Appointed 11 members to the new Zoning Review Committee and are looking for five or six more. They will take names of volunteers for another two weeks. Named were Ralph Caldwell, Jeff Timberlake, Harry Ricker, Mary Briggs, Gard Twitchell, Dawn Nash, Lawrence House, Bob Leavitt, Ike Goodwin, Warren Palmer and Jerry McBreairty;

• Agreed to post new, permanent No Parking signs on Cobb Road near the ballfields as soon as they arrive. Local residents have told the town that the paper signs have already been torn down and, at times, it would not be possible to get an emergency vehicle through the area;

• Set Sept. 25 as household hazardous waste collection day in conjunction with other area towns. Residents would be required to transport their own waste to the Lewiston collection point, but more information will be sought before that time;

• Will write a letter in support of keeping the Androscoggin County dispatch center since that department is familiar with area towns.

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