Realty transfers

Oxford County

SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Anthony D. and Sharon J. Morrison to Jason McGrath, in Waterford.

William E. and Mary Ann Murphy to Robert J. Seppey, in Mexico.

Robert A. and Peter D. Holman and Geraldine H. Viitala to Terry and Nancy Holman, in Dixfield.

John D. Halacy to Daniel R. Beaudoin, in Rumford.

Rita Towle and Estate of Janet P. Venskus to Nixon M. Samayoa, in Mexico.

James J. and Michelle L. Bernard to Howard L. and Joy E. Thomas, in Mexico.

Linda Burns and Jennifer Warrirner and Valerie Glueck and Nicole Lane and Timothy and Stephen and Daniel Lapointe to Mary Arita Zitoli, in Rumford.

Dorothy E. Eastman to Angela Gaudreau, in West Paris.

Edgar A. Tremblay Jr. and Mary M. Tremblay to Eric and Jodie C. Lenardson, in Waterford.

Leo F. and Gilberte J. Hamann and Leo F. and Gilberte J. and Gilberte Hamanne to Don Hamann, in Rumford.

Michele Cox Marois to John E. Cox IV, in Woodstock.

Edwin F. French Sr. and Laurene A. French to Frances J. Wobst, in Norway.

Homestead Homes Inc. to Bruce and Janet A. Leblanc, in Otisfield.

Clyde J. Knights and Christine H. Campbell to Roger G. Chenard and Niki M. Burnhamchenard, in Woodstock.

Alfred C. and Albert C. Roy to Alan G. Cayer, in Mexico.

Margaret and Margaret E. Pelletier to Daniel H. Pelletier Sr. and Margaret Pelletier, in Canton.

Allan R. Herbert and Estate of Joseph G. Herbert to David J. and Mary A. Blouin, in Rumford.

George and Faith Blanchard to Francisco Santiago, in Rumford.

Beverly Collins and Lauriston P. Wagner to Matthew R. Foreman, in Dixfield.

Judith L. and Paul Halle and Richard C. Lapham to Phyllis A. Bancroft, in Albany Township.

Lloyd L. Poland to Stephen M. and Sally Graves, in Norway.

Ralph E. and Edith G. Lowell to Natalie R. Lowell, in Buckfield.

Rand D. Land Sales Inc. to Deborah A. Walo, in Otisfield.

James A. Fontaine Jr. and James A. Fontaine Jr. and Carol Anne Fontaine to Greg R. and Donna Jones, in Greenwood.

Nicholas J. Puiia Jr. to Ann M. and Paul A. Saltzman, in Newry.

JAE Realty Trust and James A. Perry to Andre R. Thibodeau, in Albany Township.

Athena Family Partners Ltd. to Gregory C. Webb, in Newry.

Jennifer M. Pitcher to Jennifer M. Pitcher and Richard J. Gallant, in Newry.

John A. Ruth to Gerald F. and Margaret A. Solitario, in Newry.

Helen H. McLeod to Leslie R. McLeod, in Dixfield.

Leslie R. McLeod to Robert McLeod, in Dixfield

Russell A. Probert to Charles R. Banville, in Canton.

John W. and Ann H. McDonald to Brett and Kelli Keliehor, in Paris.

Bradley L. and Helen M. Dairs to Bradley L. Dairs Jr., in Oxford.

Darron and Donald L. Moyer to James A. and Colleen M. Polk, in Newry.

Kathleen Lee Van Deursen and Kathleen Lee Bellucci to Clifford S. and Dori J. MacDermid, in Bethel.

Enrico D. and Ruth Naples to Enrico D. and Eddy D. Naples, in Mexico.

Robert A. Saccone to Chagrasulis LLC, in Otisfield.

Wild Brook Timber LLC to Timbervest Partners LP, in Greenwood, Albany Township, Newry and Bethel.

W R Rhea Associates Inc. to Timothy M. and Carol T. North, in Roxbury.

Hancock Land Company Inc. to Andrew M. and Edward N. Culver, in Otisfield.

James L. and Mary E. and Mary Pulsifer to Town of Peru, in Peru.

Robert F. and Helen Bradford to Lincoln James and Michele Kenney, in Hebron.

Robert F. and Helen Bradford to Margaret E. Bradford, in Hebron.

Henry P. and Henry Desroches to Pamela Gatcomb, in Dixfield.

Linwood M. Rowe to James G. Rowe, in Peru.

Howard and Joan Jackson to Theresa M. Martin, in Otisfield.

Bruce R. and M. Patricia Cook to John Warren Shilling and Alexandra S. Shilling, in Norway.

Russell H. Trapp to Antone Investment LLC, in Bethel.

Wayne G. and Mary D. Corkum to Michael F. Fitzpatrick, in Bethel.

Patricia Porter Rood and Bruce A. Rood to Patricia Porter Rood and Bruce A. Rood, in Waterford.

Josephine M. Botti to Raymond J. Botti Jr. and Virginia Gay, in Roxbury.

Minerva R. Wilson to Ralph S. Norris, in Hebron.

Ralph S. Norris to Steven L. and Janice D. Gammon, in Hebron.

Tammy S. Laidlaw to Charles C. Whitman and Tammy S. Laidlaw, in Norway.

Kenneth Pulkkinen to Kevin B. Pulkkinen, in Hebron.

Beverly B. and Matthew R. Brown to Carl W. and Elizabeth H. Menici, in Woodstock.

Alden R. Mason Sr. to Brenda Blaisdell, in Gilead.

Wayne D. Perri and estate of Lucy Perri to Wayne D. Perri and Linda Perri Wallas, in Roxbury.

Linda Perri Wallas to Wayne D. Perri, in Roxbury.

Charlene Buck and estate of Richard Wilbur Buck to Charlene Buck, in Mexico.

Laurier R. Carbonneau to Michael G. Ianno and Kelly B. Weiss, in Oxford.

Jeannette T. Knox to Michael J. White, in Dixfield.

Wight Enterprises LLC to Paul D. and Colleen A. Krivacek, in Newry.

Linda M. and Damon W. Curtis to David W. Carson, in Mexico.

Margaret Stevens to Josephat and Rita Levesque, in West Paris.

Barry Smith to James E. and Nina R. Douglas, in Norway.

Herbert and Dorothy F. Watson to Susan C. Berube and George M. Gray, in Norway.

James Barnett to Kathleen Anne and Thomas J. Kelly, in Rumford.

R. Donald French and Doris French to Kevin Lee Scott and Susan Michele Merrow, in Andover.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to RMD Associates LLC, in Oxford.

Bruce R. and M. Patricia Cook to Mark and Andrea Sanborn, in Norway.

Estate of Lars S. A. Thermaenius and Caroline Thermaenius to Caroline Thermaenius, in Norway.

Caroline Thermaenius to David E. and Donna M. MacWilliams, in Norway.

Audrey S. Raymond to Three Moguls Inc., in Norway.

John E. Miller to Robert V. Mormile, in Paris.

Arlan E. Farrar Jr. and Jackie L. Farrar to Dale A. Farrar, in Sumner.

Martha R. Crocker to Jeffrey R. Crocker and Jeffrey R. Crocker Revocable Trust of 2003 and Martha R. Crocker and Martha R. Crocker Revocable Trust of 2003, real estate in Magalloway Plantation.

Donald Ogle Jr. and Michele J. St. Peter to Scott S. Ramsey and Lauri A. Maitland, in Rumford.

Brian M. Hayes to Helen H. Morris, in Oxford.

Michael G. and Susan G. Wolf to Michael G. Wolf and Michael G. Wolf Revocable Trust 2001 and Susan Gray Wolf and Susan Gray Wolf Revocable Trust 2001, in Newry.

David D. and Michele M. Langevin to George A. Ricker Jr. and Rose P. Ricker, in Buckfield.

George A. Ricker Jr. and Rose P. Ricker to David D. and Michele M. Langevin, in Buckfield.

Michael G. Shea and Don Beckwith to D and M Properties LLC, real estate in Rumford and Dixfield.

Robert F. Bradford to Joseph Pratt, in Dixfield.

Robert L. Spencer and Jean M. Spencer and Spencer Family Trust to Jean M. Spencer and Robert L. Spencer and Jean M. Spencer Trust, in Peru.

William Craffey and Four C S Lagoon Realty Trust to William M. Craffey, in Bethel.

Lisa Buckman to Nathaniel Buckman, in Bethel.

Linda S. Trepanier to Jeffrey W. and Jane I. Maxim, in Hebron.

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