SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Homestead Homes Inc. to Bruce and Janet A. Leblanc, in Otisfield.

Clyde J. Knights and Christine H. Campbell to Roger G. Chenard and Niki M. Burnhamchenard, in Woodstock.

Alfred C. and Albert C. Roy to Alan G. Cayer, in Mexico.

Margaret and Margaret E. Pelletier to Daniel H. Pelletier Sr. and Margaret Pelletier, in Canton.

Allan R. Herbert and Estate of Joseph G. Herbert to David J. and Mary A. Blouin, in Rumford.

George and Faith Blanchard to Francisco Santiago, in Rumford.

Beverly Collins and Lauriston P. Wagner to Matthew R. Foreman, in Dixfield.

Judith L. and Paul Halle and Richard C. Lapham to Phyllis A. Bancroft, in Albany Township.

Lloyd L. Poland to Stephen M. and Sally Graves, in Norway.

Ralph E. and Edith G. Lowell to Natalie R. Lowell, in Buckfield.

Rand D. Land Sales Inc. to Deborah A. Walo, in Otisfield.

James A. Fontaine Jr. and James A. Fontaine Jr. and Carol Anne Fontaine to Greg R. and Donna Jones, in Greenwood.

Nicholas J. Puiia Jr. to Ann M. and Paul A. Saltzman, in Newry.

JAE Realty Trust and James A. Perry to Andre R. Thibodeau, in Albany Township.

Athena Family Partners Ltd. to Gregory C. Webb, in Newry.

Jennifer M. Pitcher to Jennifer M. Pitcher and Richard J. Gallant, in Newry.

John A. Ruth to Gerald F. and Margaret A. Solitario, in Newry.

Helen H. McLeod to Leslie R. McLeod, in Dixfield.

Leslie R. McLeod to Robert McLeod, in Dixfield

Russell A. Probert to Charles R. Banville, in Canton.

John W. and Ann H. McDonald to Brett and Kelli Keliehor, in Paris.

Bradley L. and Helen M. Dairs to Bradley L. Dairs Jr., in Oxford.

Darron and Donald L. Moyer to James A. and Colleen M. Polk, in Newry.

Kathleen Lee Van Deursen and Kathleen Lee Bellucci to Clifford S. and Dori J. MacDermid, in Bethel.

Enrico D. and Ruth Naples to Enrico D. and Eddy D. Naples, in Mexico.

Robert A. Saccone to Chagrasulis LLC, in Otisfield.

Wild Brook Timber LLC to Timbervest Partners LP, in Greenwood, Albany Township, Newry and Bethel.

W R Rhea Associates Inc. to Timothy M. and Carol T. North, in Roxbury.

Hancock Land Company Inc. to Andrew M. and Edward N. Culver, in Otisfield.

James L. and Mary E. and Mary Pulsifer to Town of Peru, in Peru.

Robert F. and Helen Bradford to Lincoln James and Michele Kenney, in Hebron.

Robert F. and Helen Bradford to Margaret E. Bradford, in Hebron.

Henry P. and Henry Desroches to Pamela Gatcomb, in Dixfield.

Linwood M. Rowe to James G. Rowe, in Peru.

Howard and Joan Jackson to Theresa M. Martin, in Otisfield.

Bruce R. and M. Patricia Cook to John Warren Shilling and Alexandra S. Shilling, in Norway.

Russell H. Trapp to Antone Investment LLC, in Bethel.

Wayne G. and Mary D. Corkum to Michael F. Fitzpatrick, in Bethel.

Patricia Porter Rood and Bruce A. Rood to Patricia Porter Rood and Bruce A. Rood, in Waterford.

Josephine M. Botti to Raymond J. Botti Jr. and Virginia Gay, in Roxbury.

Minerva R. Wilson to Ralph S. Norris, in Hebron.

Ralph S. Norris to Steven L. and Janice D. Gammon, in Hebron.

Tammy S. Laidlaw to Charles C. Whitman and Tammy S. Laidlaw, in Norway.

Kenneth Pulkkinen to Kevin B. Pulkkinen, in Hebron.

Beverly B. and Matthew R. Brown to Carl W. and Elizabeth H. Menici, in Woodstock.

Alden R. Mason Sr. to Brenda Blaisdell, in Gilead.

Wayne D. Perri and estate of Lucy Perri to Wayne D. Perri and Linda Perri Wallas, in Roxbury.

Linda Perri Wallas to Wayne D. Perri, in Roxbury.

Charlene Buck and estate of Richard Wilbur Buck to Charlene Buck, in Mexico.

Laurier R. Carbonneau to Michael G. Ianno and Kelly B. Weiss, in Oxford.

Jeannette T. Knox to Michael J. White, in Dixfield.

Wight Enterprises LLC to Paul D. and Colleen A. Krivacek, in Newry.

Linda M. and Damon W. Curtis to David W. Carson, in Mexico.

Margaret Stevens to Josephat and Rita Levesque, in West Paris.

Barry Smith to James E. and Nina R. Douglas, in Norway.

Herbert and Dorothy F. Watson to Susan C. Berube and George M. Gray, in Norway.

James Barnett to Kathleen Anne and Thomas J. Kelly, in Rumford.

R. Donald French and Doris French to Kevin Lee Scott and Susan Michele Merrow, in Andover.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to RMD Associates LLC, in Oxford.

Bruce R. and M. Patricia Cook to Mark and Andrea Sanborn, in Norway.

Estate of Lars S. A. Thermaenius and Caroline Thermaenius to Caroline Thermaenius, in Norway.

Caroline Thermaenius to David E. and Donna M. MacWilliams, in Norway.

Audrey S. Raymond to Three Moguls Inc., in Norway.

John E. Miller to Robert V. Mormile, in Paris.

Arlan E. Farrar Jr. and Jackie L. Farrar to Dale A. Farrar, in Sumner.

Martha R. Crocker to Jeffrey R. Crocker and Jeffrey R. Crocker Revocable Trust of 2003 and Martha R. Crocker and Martha R. Crocker Revocable Trust of 2003, real estate in Magalloway Plantation.

Donald Ogle Jr. and Michele J. St. Peter to Scott S. Ramsey and Lauri A. Maitland, in Rumford.

Brian M. Hayes to Helen H. Morris, in Oxford.

Michael G. and Susan G. Wolf to Michael G. Wolf and Michael G. Wolf Revocable Trust 2001 and Susan Gray Wolf and Susan Gray Wolf Revocable Trust 2001, in Newry.

David D. and Michele M. Langevin to George A. Ricker Jr. and Rose P. Ricker, in Buckfield.

George A. Ricker Jr. and Rose P. Ricker to David D. and Michele M. Langevin, in Buckfield.

Michael G. Shea and Don Beckwith to D and M Properties LLC, real estate in Rumford and Dixfield.

Robert F. Bradford to Joseph Pratt, in Dixfield.

Robert L. Spencer and Jean M. Spencer and Spencer Family Trust to Jean M. Spencer and Robert L. Spencer and Jean M. Spencer Trust, in Peru.

William Craffey and Four C S Lagoon Realty Trust to William M. Craffey, in Bethel.

Lisa Buckman to Nathaniel Buckman, in Bethel.

Linda S. Trepanier to Jeffrey W. and Jane I. Maxim, in Hebron.

Barbara and Dorothy W. York to Ernest B. Waltman Jr., Bethel.

Richard D. Pierce Sr. to James E. Daniels, Mexico.

Green Tree Servicing LLC and Bruce A. and Diane K. Brown to Green Tree Servicing LLC, Otisfield.

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Robert N. and Patricia A. Heath, Otisfield.

James O. and Evelyn I. Smith to Rachel Record, Paris.

Lauren E. and Laurie and Lauren Scoblionko to Eric M. Scoblionko, Hartford.

Kenneth Card and Jessica Richardson to Joshua T. and Heidi M. White, Norway.

Estate of Eleanor B. Noble and Phyllis N. Tucker to Melissa L. Legg and Richard M. Reeves, Waterford.

Keith W. Nutter Sr. and Joyce L. Nutter to Suzanne Sorbello, Norway.

Kevin D. Billings to Kim E. Thurlow, West Paris and Paris.

River View Timeshare Trust to Royce E. and Lesley Coburn and Winifred Easton Jones, Bethel.

Arthur P. and Anne L. Clifford to River View Timeshare Trust, Bethel.

Cynthia D. Moxcey to Kimberly Walker, Paris.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Norma J. Webber, Norway.

Robert A. and Linda L. Brundage to Timesharevalues Com LLC, Bethel.

Citimortgage Inc. to Bonita M. Sessions, Greenwood.

Bonita M. Sessions to Bonita M. Sessions and Brian Strickland, Greenwood.

Brian Strickland to Brian Strickland and Bonita M. Sessions, Woodstock.

James R. Cote to Daniel Boor, Paris.

Tracy L. Gauvin to Michael C. Gauvin, Rumford.

Linda L. Taylor to Ronald C. Rossier, Lincoln Plantation.

Mary Ann Streeter to D. Aaron LLC, Township.

Alice H. Jones to Alice H. Jones and Alice H. Jones Trust, Canton.

Michael R. Blais to Paul Andrew and Faith Anne Dairs, Paris.

Mark B. Cummings to Mark B. Cummings and Jamie J. Redlon, Paris.

Diana T. Farr to Diana T. Farr and Scott Landry, Norway.

Basselies B. Gammon to Jo Anne Gammon, Sumner.

Leonard L. and Barbara L. Amburgey to Leonard L. Amburgey, Newry.

Clarissa J. Stanton to Susan S. Watson and Clarissa J. Stanton Revocable Trust Agreement, Bethel.

Ward A. and Evelyn R. Benner to Ward A. Benner and Evelyn Benner and Benner Family Revocable Living Trust, Norway.

Daniel J. Dirsa to Stephen B. and Judith A. Drury, Peru.

Robert F. Bradford to Richard I and Carol L. Powell, Peru.

Judith W. Broomhall to Rumford Group Homes, Inc. Mexico.

William M. Elliott Sr. and William M. Elliott and Alicia I. Elliott to William M. Elliott and Alicia I. Elliott and William and Alicia Elliott Revocable Living Trust, Roxbury.

Linda K. Wakefield and Walter H. and Walter H. II Connell to Walter H. Connell II, Bethel.

Alfred C. Roy to Alan G. Cayer, Mexico.

Cindy L. Hodson to Cindy L. Hodson and Richard Szalma, Greenwood.

Mary M. Llewellyn and Betty Jean Woodworth and George H. Millett and Betty J. Woodworth to Ernest J. and Shirley A. Fielder, Norway.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Walter and Roberta J. Jardine, Norway.

Earl C. and Amy R. Andrews to Jeffrey D. and Roberta E. Andrews, Oxford.

Wayne Kenneth Kennaugh to Charles M. Bodwell and Sarah Leighton, Paris.

Edwin E. and Dorothy E. and Jenny E. Hinshaw and Daniel J. Rhinehart to Jenny E. Hinshaw and Daniel J. Rhinehart, Edwin E. and Dorothy E. Hinshaw, Sumner.

Oxford County ARC and Oxford County Association for Retarded Children to Fernanda Royse and Eugene R. Silva, Rumford.

Helene F. and S. Thomas Pitcher to Seth and Christine Pitcher, Rumford.

Brian M. and Beverly A. Bailey to Philip J. and Celia C. Bailey, Andover.

Richard E. and Judith P. Gilpatrick to Savage Land Development LLC, Greenwood.

Richard M. Rosenbluth to Reunited LLC, Otisfield.

Charles E. Knox and Charles E. Knox 1994 Revocable Trust to Joanne Elles Knox and Joanne Elles Knox 1994 Revocable Trust, Adamstown Township.

Sylvio W. Martin to Frank C. Walker, Paris.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Travis and Karen Mayo, Norway.

Diane W. and Stanley W. Jr. Walker to Julia D. Schubert Cowan and Jonathan G. Cowan, Bethel.

Guy W. and Shirley Lovejoy to Norman Jack Jr., Buckfield.

Richard L. Corey Jr. to Deborah A. Corey, Paris.

Gerard E. Dorion and estate of Germaine Dorion to Janek and Jan M. Racer, Rumford.

Simon Diaz to Mark R. and Susan L. Hurd, Hartford.

Richard J. Cote (Cons) and Yvette E. Cote (by Cons) and Elodia Yvette Cote (by Cons) and Yvette Elodia Cote (by Cons) to Gerald J. Cote, Rumford.

Julie E. Dyck to Thomas P. and Beverly J. Boyd, Paris.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Richard C. and Carolyn A. Hiltz, Paul S. and Jean M. Watson, Regina and Huby Covin, Michele G. and David R. Wood, Ann P. Burbank, Marie R. Blanchette, Richard E. and Martha A. Weiner, Richard M. and Nancy G. Matteson, Nels T. Liljedahl, Bethel.

Regina and Huby Covin to Bethel Inn, Bethel.

Michael and Donna LeBlanc to Bethel Inn, Bethel.

David J. Everett and Everett Development Company to Community Concepts Inc., Oxford.

Raymond W. Seames and Estate of Shirley A. Seames to Raymond W. Seames, Greenwood.

Robert D. Lemieux to Debra A. Yelverton, Dixfield.

George Brooks Gonyer and Mary Ann Brooks Gonyer to Donald K. Jenkins Jr., Rumford.

Jacques G. Dupuis to Michael F. and Diane M. Perry, Rumford.

M. Fern Troutvine Hamilton to Charles J. Walo, Otisfield.

Anthony A. Popieniuck and Lynne Michaud to Susan S. and Nelson Cairns, Norway.

Susan C. Berube to Edward E. and Sandy L. Watkins, Norway.

Paula D. and Prentiss D. Kurtz to Michael J. and Beth A. Binette, Paris.

Christopher Muszynski to Christopher M. Muszynski and Jessica G. Meserve, Otisfield.

Robert C. and Annette M. Martin to Charles S. and Margaret I. Martin, Paris.

Franklin F. and Margaret A. Barton to James Barton, Albany Township.

Armand R. Turcotte to John Paul Grignon, Dixfield.

Michael G. Wheeler to John M. Evans, Bethel.

David A. and Patricia M. Duguay to Mary Jo Kelly and Ryan A. Wheeler, Greenwood.

Duane L. Gilbert to Sean P. and Stacey A. Gilks, Milton Plantation.

Douglas C. Webster and Debbie L. Kulik Webster to Colleen A. and James D. Ippolito, Bethel.

Nicole Y. Duhamel to Melissa L. Morris, Hartford.

Alice C. Priller and Alice C. Salzano to Daniel Connell, Paris.

Roger T. and Donna M. Davis to Cindy L. Walker and Laurie J. Sevigny, Norway.

Wanda L. Andrews to Richard Scott and Janet Scott and Scott Living Trust, West Paris.

Stephen B. and Laura K. Kenyon to Bethany S. and Andrew M. Curtis, Bethel.

Harold E. Hibbard III and Susan S. Hibbard to Janet L. and Wesley R. Blair, Upton.

Patricia E. Lenassi Revocable Trust and Patricia E. Lenassi and Lenassi Family 1992 Trust to Patricia E. Lenassi and Patricia E. Lenassi Revocable Trust, Waterford.

Lenassi Family 1992 Trust and Patricia E. Lenassi to Patricia E. Lenassi and Lenassi By Pass Trust, Waterford.

Caryl M. Edwards and Caryl L. McIntire to Andrea L. Tucker, Norway.

Garth K. and Mari F. Grover to Dale R. and Charlotte L. Small, Gilead.

Faye A. M. Puglia to Faye A. M. Puglia and Charles R. Puglia and Puglia One Family Trust, Oxford.

Bangor Savings Bank and Joseph D. Cayer to Peggy S. Turner, Peru.

Jennie F. Giannon to Catherine E. Hunt, Buckfield.

Bruce F. Powell and David W. Murphy to Jacqueline Peters, Bethel.

Mark L. Hutchinson to Ann M. and Malcolm E. Brown, Mexico.

Cersosimo Industries Inc. to Kelly E. Rioux, Otisfield.

Nathan W. and Amy B. W. Smith to Alan R. and Amy R. Cassidy and Adam M. and Tracey A. Jorgenson and James and Lori A. Anthony, Newry.

Gary B. and Ann B. Laughlin to Louis and Diane Grimaldi, Bethel.

Senja L. Grover to Richard G. Cassano and Suzanna Keith, Paris.

George and Pearl Paine to Anthony A. Paine Jr., Paris.

Chris Stearns to Edward C. and Carol V. Borezo, Paris.

Julie M. Pike Ross and Gary Ross to George and Kimberly J. Lewis, Oxford.

Ardell Lee Hayes and Elizabeth T. Hayes to James S. and Judith A. Leighton, Norway.

Robert E. and Barbara M. Kane to Elizabeth M. Kane, Otisfield.

Sue A. Neal to Androscoggin Savings Bank and Estate of Robert F. Turner, Newry.

Gary D. Harlow to Christopher and Helen M. Manjourides, Woodstock.

John F. and Mary G. Mahan to Frank O. Holdgate and Constance L. Thyng, Greenwood.

Androscoggin Savings Bank and Estate of Robert F. Turner to Sue A. Neal, Newry.

Jeanie Figueroa to Eugene B. and Bernice E. Pratt, Oxford.

Emily A. Murphy to Scott L. and Michelle L. A. Bourget, Hebron.

David W. Eldridge Jr. to Raymond D. Bertrand, West Paris.

Michael G. Deblois to Michael G. and Martina Deblois, Woodstock.

Nathan M. and Karen A. Willhoite to David S. and Cheryl L. Bogart, Gilead.

Thomas F. Sheehan Jr. and Cheryl J. Vidal Sheehan to Thomas F. Sheehan Jr., Newry.

Paul W. and Cynthia G. Handlen to Paul W. and Cynthia G. Handlen and Raina L. Michalovic, Woodstock.

Bertha A. and Nicholas W. Kelley to James L. and Ricky and Michael W. Kelley, Rumford.

Stewart C. and Frances K. Yorks to David M. Peck, Otisfield.

Edmond G. and Mary E. Maillet to Edmond G. Maillet and Mary E. Maillet and Maillet Living Trust, Peru.

Edmond G. and Mary E. and Elaine Maillet to Edmond G. Maillet and Mary E. Maillet and Maillet Living Trust, Mexico.

Merle Grover to Betty Grover, Bethel.

Betty J. Grover to Merle E. Grover, Waterford.

Lloyd L. Poland and William Coolidge to William Coolidge, Norway.

Pamela M. Forman to Charles E. Forman II, Paris.

Carol Anne Tobiassen and Carol Anne Fuller to Alan G. and Janet A. Thompson, Sumner.

Keybank National Association to Town of Bethel, Bethel.

Gary Goldberg to Mount View LLC, Newry.

Real and Martin Castonguay to Real Castonguay, Canton.

Paul B. and Janice M. McKeen to Donald L. and Eileen K. Johnson, Dixfield.

Alfred J. Leclerc to Leclerc Management Company LLC, Norway.

Lloyd L. Poland to Steven S. McCann and Lisa Dustin, Norway.

Charles H. Degrandpre Sr. to John E. Stankiewicz, Hartford.

David B. and Elizabeth L. Harriman to Barbara Stoodley, Oxford.

Shelly Joseph to Eric Joseph, Hebron.

Christina H. Quinn to Richard F. and Carolyn F. Coggins, Norway.

Carol Ann Raymond and G. Greeman Hall and Virginia H. Hall to Fedora M. Lloyd, Norway.

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