Her cookbook idea’s kind of on hold. Her Monhegan Island property’s up for sale. Her horse is ready to ship out.

Zoe’s moving to Australia.

The first person from Maine to appear on “Survivor,” Zoe Zanidakis, 38, is off for her next adventure: starting a horse farm Down Under. She’s visited the country many times over the last four years, Zoe said in a phone interview, and finally bought property on the eastern coast.

After proving herself as a successful lobsterman, she says, “I’d like to become an accomplished equestrian.”

Since the fourth installment of the popular series, “Survivor: Marquesas,” which ended in the spring of 2002, Zoe’s taken acting lessons, appeared at dozens of charity events and worked a few odd jobs, including ones this summer as a landscaper and carpenter’s helper in Rockland.

Zoe on leaving Monhegan:

Her stepfather and other family still live on the island and her mom’s buried there, a spot Zoe says she visits every time. “I guess there are nine generations of spirits out there. Monhegan Island will always be my home, I’ll definitely be back to visit.”

But she’s already declaring that her heart’s in Australia. (That’s not where her series was filmed, by the way. The Marquesas are over in Polynesia.)

On a brush with Paul Newman:

Zoe stood in line last fall for hours to be an extra in “Empire Falls,” the HBO movie based on Maine writer Richard Russo’s novel. She landed a part in a bar inches away from Newman. In the scene, he takes a bra off of a female patron and hammers the lingerie to the wall. Zoe’s standing right next to that woman.

“I whispered in his ear in between takes he ought to use his teeth. The devil! He did. He nuzzled the woman and he whipped his head back like a horse,” bra in mouth.

The whole experience “was pretty magical. It was a rare moment in life. I got a chance to chat with him, and he flashed his blue eyes at me.”

On keeping up with other “survivors”:

The series’ finales in New York have turned into little reunions for the different “Survivor” casts. Beside that, they try to keep in touch via e-mail.

So, will she get an invite to a Rob and Amber wedding?

“Well, I hope so! I called him not too long ago, he usually has a Red Sox party at the end of the season, depending how they’re doing,” she said laughing. “I always liked Rob, he was one of my favorite contestants. We had a few good fireside chats.”

Advice to Julie Berry on life after reality TV:

“You’re going to get people saying, ‘You should have done this, you should have done that.’ Be happy with your decisions, you can’t do anything about it now,” Zoe says.

“In life you should try to make the best of things. If you go in there to win a million bucks, as sure as shit you’re not going to.”

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