LEWISTON – Before, during and after first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush spoke to 125 invited students Wednesday, protesters stood outside chanting and holding signs.

After the twins were driven away, 100 or more were still chanting: “Back to Texas” and “Four more weeks.” They held Kerry-Edwards signs and some handmade signs. One read: “Why aren’t the Bush twins in Iraq?”

Student Sarah Sherman-Stokes and others complained that only committed Bush supporters were allowed in to hear what the twins had to say. “We think that’s wrong. We think there should be a dialogue,” said student Chris Richards.

On Monday, Chris Heinz, stepson of John Kerry, spoke to students on campus, and anyone was allowed in, students said.

Stokes said she tried to get in, but “was told it was an RSVP, if I was not on the list I was not allowed to get in … I wanted to listen and hear what they have to say.”

If she could, Stokes said she’d like to ask Jenna and Barbara Bush about their father’s policy on AIDS and birth control worldwide, and the war in Iraq. “I would question how they could campaign for a man sending their peers to die in an unjust war.”

– Bonnie Washuk

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