WASHINGTON – Alexandra Desjardin of Auburn and Nathan Poulin of Minot will join 200 middle school students from throughout the United States at the Junior National Young Leaders Conference from Oct. 23 to 28 in Washington, D.C.

Themed “The Legacy of American Leadership,” the conference will introduce young people to the tradition of leadership throughout American history, while helping them develop their own leadership skills.

Desjardin is a seventh-grade honor roll student at Holy Cross School, where she was selected to serve in leadership roles as president of the Student Council and a peer tutor. She enjoys a number of sports, including soccer, basketball, skiing and skating.

At Bates Sports Camp she received the Laura Downes Sportsmanship Award for the past three summers.

Poulin attends Holy Cross Junior High School. He has always been an honor student and most often makes the principal’s list. Poulin also excels in basketball and baseball.

He has many interests and talents. He enjoys drawing and painting, is learning how to play the guitar, taught himself how to juggle, likes the Discovery and History channels and enjoys hunting.

The students will participate in educational activities and presentations led by individuals in high-level positions as well as young people who exercise leadership skills in their communities. Students will also visit historic national landmarks, including Colonial Williamsburg.

“By participating in the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, students will learn early that young people are not only welcome in Washington, D.C., but they actually keep this city and our country running.” said Mike Lasday, executive director of the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, the organization that sponsors the conference.

The students will study the impact of leadership throughout critical periods of American history, including the Civil War and Reconstruction, World War II, the Great Depression and the Civil Rights Movement.

For additional information visit www.cylc.org.

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