From the 2002 blockbuster hit “Resident Evil,” comes this horrifying sequel “Resident Evil: Apocalypse.” “Resident Evil” started a chain of re-makes and other zombie movies including “Dawn of the Dead,” “28 Days Later” and the sequel to “Resident Evil.”

The horror starts out when a team of scientists who work for the Umbrella corporation try to re-open the Hive. The Umbrella team is dedicated to science and also science related things and the Hive is an underground working facility that they built so they won’t be bothered. After the team opens the Hive, zombies and other mutinous monsters that are infected with the deadly T-Virus come out and feed on the humans until they are zombies also. The team did not know that they would become zombies because only a few people know that if one got bitten by a zombie, one turns into a zombie.

All of the monsters go and infect Racoon City. After some hours, almost all of the cities’ population is zombified. One special group remains alive, but when they try to get out they figure out that the town is being blocked by S.T.A.R.S. ( Special Tactics And Rescue Squad). What will Alice ( Mila Jovovich), LJ ( Mike Epps) and the other people in the group of survivors do with Nemisis on the loose and time running out before the whole city is nuked?

This movie has a great musical score and also a great sound track including Slipknot with their song “Vermillion” and also other heavy metal groups.

Mike Epps delivers a very funny acting performance and Mila Jovovich gives us a delightful, cool and scary acting performance as well.

This movie was filmed in Quebec, Canada and only used a little animation which made it even cooler in my book.

One thing that puzzled me was that STARS are firing at Nemisis’s chest even though he has a metal plate on it. (Don’t you think that they should shoot him in the head or at least try?) However, all in all this is the action horror movie of the year.

Overall grade: A

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