DIXFIELD – Ludden Memorial Library announces new books added to the shelves for October.

Adult fiction

“Are You Afraid of the Dark,” Sheldon; “Bait,” Robards; “Blind Alley,” Johansen; “Brimstone,” Preston; “Days of Magic, Nights of War,” Barker; “Double Shot,” Davidson; “McNally’s Bluff,” Sanders; “Melancholy Baby,” Parker.

Also, “Northern Lights,” Roberts; “Sarah’s Song,” Kingsbury; “Second Glance,” Picoult; “Shattered Image,” Margos; “Shoot the Moon,” Letts; “Shoulder the Sky,” Perry; “Skinny Dip,” Hiaasen; “Texas Vendetta,” Kelton; “The Cinderella Rules,” Kauffman; “The Heart Remembers,” Lacy; “The Marriage Wish,” Henderson.

Adult fiction – large print

“Key of Knowledge,” Roberts; “Key of Light,” Roberts; “Key of Valor,” Roberts; “Out of the Blue,” Ross; “Sullivan’s Women,” Roberts; “Summer by the Sea,” Wiggs; “The Perfect Match,” Picoult.

Adult nonfiction

“BOOBS: A Bunch of Outrageous Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Their Stories Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” Ralston; “Cottage for Sale: Must be Moved,” Whouley; “Eye Witness: 150 Years of Photo Journalism,” Lacayo; “Family First,” McGraw; “Letter to a Great-Grandson,” Downs; “The Fall of Baghdad,” Anderson; “The Oasis Guide to Asperger Syndroms,” Bashe.

Adult nonfiction – large print

“Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul,” Hendra; “The Spiral Staircase: My Climb out of Darkness,” Armstrong.


“A Time to be Born,” Vornholt; “Beloved Imposter,” Potter; “Blood Canticle,” Rice; “Magnolia Sky,” Crandall; “Moon Shadows,” Roberts; “Night Wolf,” Edwards; “Savage Trust,” Edwards; “Someday Soon,” Hohl; “Star Trek Voyager: Homecoming,” Golden; “Star Trek: A Time to Harvest,” Ward.

Also, “The Real Deal,” Michaels; “The Unknown Twin,” Shay; “The Way of the Coyote,” Kelton; “The Wedding,” Garwood; “The Westerners,” Grey; “Triple Threat,” Coffey; “Truth or Dare,” Krentz; “Winner Takes All,” Roberts.

Juvenile fiction

“Cat Skidoo,” Roberts; “Gossip Girl,” VonZiegesar; “Grampa’s Surprise,” Beardshaw; “Spy Shapers in Art,” Micklethwait; “It’s Hard to be Five:.,” Curtis; “Leaves, Leaves, Leaves,” Wallace.

Also, “Magic Tree House 16: Hour of Olympics,” “Magic Tree House 22: Revolutionary War on Wednesday,” “Magic Tree House 24: Earthquake in Early Morning,” “Magic Tree House..American Revolution” and “Magic Tree House..Ancient Greece and the Olympics,” Osborne.

Also, “Mouse Halloween Party,” Modesitt; “Summerbath, Winterbath,” Spinelli; “The Hippo-Not-Amus,” Payne; “The Taming of the Dru,” Maxwell; “The Toughest Cowboy,” Frank; “Todd’s Box,” Sullivan; “Wallace’s List,” Battner; “Wild Witches Ball,” Prelutsky; “Wishing Moon,” Tunnell.

Graphic novels

“Oh My Goddess: Leader of the Pact,” Fiyishima.

Juvenile nonfiction

“A Drop of Blood,” Showers; “An American Plague,” Murphy; “Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z,” Daly; “How Rude,” Packer; “Math Fables,” Tang; “The Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark)” and “The Journey Home (Lewis and Clark),” Hamilton.


“Arthur’s First Sleepover,” “Cliffhanger,” “Combustion,” “Far from Home,” “The Haunting.”


“Silent Witness,” Patterson; “The Tuesday Club Members,” Christie.


“Caillou the Explorer,” “Journey of Natty Gann,” “Richard M. Nixon Remembered,” “Veggie Tales: Sumo of the Opera.”


“The Road Atlas 2005.”

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