SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Norman L. Hankins to John B. Bernier, in Hartford.

R. Douglass and Elcie C. Raymond Douglass Snook to Brett C. and Paula M. Hynninen, in Newry.

River View Timeshare Trust to James E. and Elena P. Chadburn, David G. and Ellen M. Holt, in Bethel.

Wayne G. and Mary D. Corkum to Michael T. Fitzpatrick, in Bethel.

Duane Gilbert to Kevin P. and Kristin A. Casey, in Greenwood.

Stephen G. and Carol J. Simmons to Harold P. Mahon and Sylvia Vander Sluis, in Bethel.

Ronrum Realty LLC and TDC Holding Corp. to Town of Rumford, in Rumford.

Nancy Lee Hagen and Nancy Lee Vandenberg and Nancy Lee Vandenberg and Nancy Lee Vandenberg Revocable Trust to Myra Nissen, in Woodstock.

Gary C. Richards to Jean M. Scamporino, in Rumford.

James Arsenault to Wendy M. Boucher and Keith C. Matthews in Mexico.

Elizabeth S. and Stanley B. Lord to Elizabeth S. and Stanley B. Lord and Jeffrey M. Cochran, in Bethel.

Beverly A. and Paul R. and Beverly and Paul to Emerald Coast Properties LLC, in Mexico.

Nicholas and Rebecca and Nicholas P. Verna to Patricia K. Spear and Roland R. J. Hebert in Paris.

Janet and Janet E. Brennick to Janet E. and Michael P. Brennick, in Mexico.

Dana E. and Patricia A. Chandler to Dean R. Warrick and Judith F. Hepburn, in Paris.

Ellsworth C. and Joyce C. Hathaway and John Bloomer to Terry N. Childs, in Greenwood.

Donald R. Marois and Michael A. L. Cox and Michele Marois to Michele Cox, in West Paris.

George Wheeler to Nancy Tyler, in Andover.

Kenneth R. and M. Elaine MacIntyre to Kenneth R. and M. Elaine MacIntyre and Sarah E. Nobles, in Norway.

Estate of William Joseph Hartigan Jr. and Thomas Hartigan and Patricia Gravino to Thomas Hartigan.

Edward N. Swett and Ruth A. Swett and Swett Living Trust to North Vision LLC, in Waterford.

Anthony and Gloria Stemkowski to Daniel R. and Jennifer L. Corbeil, in Newry.

Keith A. and Penny E. Savage to Brenda M. and Lance C. and Adam Stickney, in Andover.

Three M. Builders Inc. to Brent D. and Sally R. Harwood, in Newry.

Richard E. and Patricia M. Adams to Robert T. and June Piirainen, in Norway.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Bruce F. and Patricia J. Watts in Norway.

Laurier R. and Patricia M. Perron to Daniel L. and Holly J. Perron, in Sumner.

David C. and Susan J. Timmerman to Susan J. Timmerman and Susan J. Timmerman Revocable Trust, in Otisfield.

Myra Nissen to Myra Nissen and Nissen Trust, in Woodstock.

W. R. Rhea Associates Inc. to William R. Rhea, in Roxbury.

Gillis J. and Gisane M. Anctil to Roland H. and Linda L. Tyler, in Mexico.

Penny L. Lemay to George Lee Turner Jr., in Peru.

Kenneth W. and Elaine B. Gurschick to Webster N. Jones, in Albany Township.

James and Pamela Shackford to Town of Magalloway Plantation, in Magalloway Plantation.

Rumford Falls Athletic Club Inc. to Decham LLC, in Milton Plantation.

Janatha G. Bailey Bruch to Thomas P. Fabiano and Nancy J. Remkus, in Norway.

Jane A. and Stanley N. Woolford to Jean A. Labbe and Doreen A. Maxwell and Barry V. Therrien and Teri M. Gordon and Robert R. Therrien and Jane A. Woolford, in Hartford.

Jean A. Labbe and Doreen A. Maxwell and Barry V. Therrien and Teri M. Gordon and Robert R. Therrien and Jane A. Woolford to Jane A. and Stanley N. Woolford, in Hartford.

Sharon Bottner Naimark and Richard M. Naimark to Sharon Bottner Naimark (trustee) and Sharon Bottner Naimark Revocable Trust, in Bethel.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Nathan Z. Ladd and Robert W. Roy, in Woodstock.

Barbara Douglass to Velma I. Jaaranen, in Albany Township.

Susan H. Glines and Estate of Barbara Bennett Hathaway to Linda H. Stowell, in Woodstock.

Donald A. Warming to Richard K. Bradley, in Sumner.

Michael R. and Vickie F. Morgan to Lloyd L. Poland, in Norway.

Quail Oaks South Paris Corporation and WEC 97 A 1 Investment Trust to Daniel G. Kamin Maine LLC, in Paris.

Theresa Perkins to Theresa Perkins and Therese M. H. Arsenault, in Rumford.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Timothy C. Lorrain and Joanne S. Eaton, George E. and Leslie J. Abaire, Margaret M. O’Leary, Paul B. and Susan M. Labarre, Robert J. and Gregory S. Grande, Robert R. and Joan E. Huntington, James M. and Susan Leclaire, Charles B. and Marjorie E. Caird West, in Bethel.

Robert J. and Anne L. Grande to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Paul B. and Susan M. Labarre to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Hilton C. Bruch and Janatha G. Bailey Bruch to James V. O’Brien and Patricia M. Dugan, in Norway.

Bonnie L. Bonney to Paul A. Ventrice, in Paris.

Estate of Ruth K. Hall and Sidney A. Hall Sr. to Jacqueline Kimball, in Paris.

Sanford and Karen D. Lane to Shawn and Erika Mulley and Todd and Kristina Raymond, in Newry.

William F. McNelley and William F. McNelley Trust to Nelson Henry, in Newry.

Savage Land Development LLC to Birch Road Country Homes Condominium Association Inc., in Greenwood.

Donald M. Harding to Christopher Dunn, in Newry.

David E. and Deborah P. Andrews and David Stallworth and Melody Needham and Greenwood Road Trust to Anne B. Lowery, in Norway.

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