PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds.

Virginia D. Trundy to Daniel C. and Julie L. Kiley, in Rumford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Marilyn Schlein Kramer and Bobby N. Kramer, in Newry.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Linda P. and David W. Carlson, in Newry.

Elaine M. Moore to Shallen Chevelle Moore Tripp and Cheyenne Warren Tripp, in Norway.

Diane Pearson and Diane R. Metivier and Diane R. Albrecht to Nancy Smith, in Canton.

River View Timeshare Trust to Terry and Julia Belanger, in Bethel.

Barbara Provencher Horne and Barbara M. Provencher to Glen A. Horner, in Bethel.

Theresa Geissler to Christopher M. George and Nick J. Silver, in Paris.

Delmore A. Maxfield Sr. and Barbara L. Maxfield to Edwin R. Rolfe Jr. in Waterford.

Michael Feero to Christopher G. Thorman, in Waterford.

Colby A. Davis to Colby A. Davis, in Canton.

Maureen Kearney to Nathan J. and Chrissy M. Rious, in Paris.

James A. and Janice B. Merrill to James G. and Rachel M. Jellison, in Dixfield.

Glen H. and Alice M. Gruba to BITIM Enterprises Inc., in Paris.

Priscilla J. Bedard to Chad A. Bryant, in Milton Plantation.

Wilbur C. and Vivian E. Cushing to Wilbur C. Cushing and Vivian E. Cushing and Broad Nook Trust, in Newry.

David A. and Patricia S. Willard to David A. Willard, in Woodstock.

Richard C. Schwind and Wilmont M. Schwind Jr. to Eric L. Lippincott and Tammy J. Lippincott and Lippincott Realty Trust, in Rumford.

Robert W. Hollingsworth to Marcia E. Contrado, in Newry.

Louise A. Clarke to Mario and Kathleen T. Furtado, in Greenwood.

Gayle M. Potts and Gayle M. Low to Christina Keilt, in Otisfield.

Arnold E. and Margaret M. Staples to Edwin E. and Janice Thayer, in Oxford.

Estate of Roberta H. Davis and Sandra D. Kennagh to Timothy Wayne Kennagh, in Paris.

Diane Biren to Peter J. Tommila and Lynda L. Ross, in Greenwood.

Lewis W. and John R. Williams to John R. and Susan S. Williams, in Hebron.

Mary F. Smith to Barbara J. Moyer, in Paris.

Katherine G. Cummings and Estate of Grace E. Cummings to MAPK Real Estate, in Paris.

David Litalien (Cons) and Catherine Litalien (by Cons) to Roland Litalien, in Mexico.

James and Karen Henry to Dulce Brown, in Sumner.

Joseph and Carolyn Sher and Eric Horn to Eric Horn, in Peru.

Cumberland Farms Inc. to Biltmore Developers LLC, in Paris.

Edna Fickett (Cons) and Harold D. Fickett (by Cons) to Edna Fickett, in Rumford.

Patricia D. MacDonald to Raymond G. Titus, in Paris.

Blackstone Properties LLC to Paul C. Creamer, in Norway.

Victor Noll to Gary S. and Susan E. Deroehn, in Mexico.

Kenneth and Constance Barrett to Kevin P. and Jennifer A. Rudman, in Otisfield.

Terry S. Swan to Anthony and Karen F. Melchers, in Rumford.

Chuck R. Starbird to Laurie A. Huntress, in Hebron.

Diane M. Ronan and Merle B. Knox Jr. to Andrew C. and Kathy J. Irish, in Peru.

Coble View Properties Inc. to John J. Lavoie, in Hartford.

Marc C. Morin to Richard C. Piper Jr., in Buckfield.

John B. Bernier to Wayne L. Butler and Francine M. Dragoon, in Hartford.

Steven and Teresa Wellmann to Peter B. and Sandra E. Hinkley, in Greenwood.

Philip R. Corneliusen to Stephen G. and Sandra Twiss, in Oxford.

Richard Wyman and Richard Wyman Jr. and David Wyman to Richard Wyman Jr. and David Wyman and Thomas E. Wyman, in Greenwood.

Holman Mountain Land Co. Inc. to Patricia A. Leonard and Ann M. Hefner, in Dixfield.

Stephen A. and Judith E. Bennett to Ronald G. and Brenda J. Beaudoin, in Buckfield.

John A. Moxcey and Paula Grandmaison and Paula A. Grandmaison to Cottage Street Storage LLC, in Norway.

Cersosimo Industries Inc. to William M. and Roselie Garrabrants, in Otisfield.

Log Land Corp to Donald A. and Patricia L. Francis, in Dixfield.

D. Bruce Verrill and Verrill Group Inc. Pension Trust to Eugene C. Johnson, in Norway.

Kevin J. Blood and Sarah J. Potter to Swan Hill Corporation, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Robert and Nancy Knight, in Bethel.

Duane Gilbert to Carroll L. and Sharon T. Higgins, in Greenwood.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Jeffrey M. and Kathleen F. Martin, in Bethel.

Lewis B. and Earlene S. Clough to Kevin M. Hawkins, in Gilead.

Berta A. Olson and Lorna L. Mahar to Stephanie B. Creech, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Arthur T. and Susan C. Stephenson, in Bethel.

Eugene L. and Virginia M. Kelly to Tyler Netherland LLC, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Bruce E. and Judith A. Smith, in Bethel.

Stephen W. Abbott to Steven M. and Deborah J. Desantis, in Waterford.

Lois Joan Witham to Laura May Fleming and Elinor F. Latouche and Eric R. Witham, in Oxford.

Fred S. Collins and Betty A. Hazard and Sadie L. Sturtevant to Raymond R. Caron Sr. and Katherine A. Caron, in Hebron.

Noella R. Hemond to Rosalie H. Aikman, in Hebron.

Donna M. Wheeler to Catherine M. Dorr and Catherine M. Parker, in Greenwood.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Linkletter Timberlands LLC, in Mexico, Roxbury and Rumford.

Ronald R. Ray to Michael R. Ray and Leslie D. Cummings, in Hebron.

Danny and Sharon Johnson to Stephen and Susan Palmieri, in Newry.

Maura T. McMann and Maura T. Saris to Scott A. and Rhonda Fiske, in Newry.

Ralph Whitney Parsons and Susan Clare Parsons and Parsons Revocable Living Trust to Emmit O. Back Jr. and Carey L. Foster, in Rumford.

William B. and Vickie A. Brown to Tammie L. and Leslie M. Toothaker, in Hebron.

Bruce Farrar Jr. to Lloyd L. Poland, in Woodstock.

Lloyd L. Poland to Bruce Farrar Jr., in West Paris.

Burnham W. and Gloria C. Rice to Clinton J. and Melissa C. Wakefield, in Woodstock.

JAE Realty Trust and James A. Perry to Michael C. and Lisa G. Lange, in Albany Township.

Michelle and Michelle P. Carey to Raymond Packard and Carrie Campbell, in Mexico.

Lakeville Shores Inc. to Maine-ly Trees Inc., in Hebron.

Paul Cayot to Robert A. and Alessandra S. Marshall, in Bethel.

Community Concepts Inc. to Richard A. Crowell III and Kimberly M. Crowell, in Paris.

Ann M. Filippi to John Clark Donatelli, in Township.

Pamela J. Marenghi to Christopher M. Murphy, in Newry.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Christopher M. Murphy, in Newry.

Aranka K. Matolcsy to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Rodney M. and Judith E. Redding to Jennifer O. Redding, in Woodstock.

Rodney M. and Judith E. Redding to Anne C. Redding, in Woodstock.

Rodney M. and Judith E. Redding to Elizabeth G. Redding, in Woodstock.

Rodney M. and Judith E. Redding to Sarah Kate Redding, in Woodstock.

Robin Rivelia Provencher and David J. Provencher to Carol L. and David R. Kerr, in Newry.

Steven A. and Tammy J. Field to Joshua A. and Stacey Field, in Hebron.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas C. Bragg III, in Sumner.

River View Timeshare Trust to Steven G. and Kelly J. Levesque, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Arthur H. and Cathy J. Godwin, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to John B. and Lisa F. Peterson, in Bethel.

Theresa Gilbert (Cons) and Rita F. Scarmozzi (by Cons) to Kenneth and Shane Poland, in West Paris.

Scott and Linda Hill to Jeffrey S. Bishop and Christine L. Baptista, in Oxford.

William F. Glad and Brenda Y. Glad to Olivia P. Walsh Trust, in Greenwood.

Lorraine M. Arsenault to Gena R. Flagg, in Dixfield.

Walter M. Leckey to Betty S. Pomerlau, in Rumford.

David J. Gallant to Dennis J. and Cynthia C. Flaherty, in Roxbury.

Sandra L. Coffin to Jeffrey Coffin, in Paris.

Savage Land Development LLC to Jeffrey A. and Nancy J. Gill, in Bethel.

Nancy J. Gill to Nancy J. and Jeffrey A. Gill, in Bethel.

Kathy L. Bean and Ruth Kittredge to Elizabeth M. Hayden, in Hanover.

Craig and Sandra Nash to Jeffrey Porter, in Dixfield.

David S. Redlon II and Sandra L. Redlon to Daniel S. and Destiny S. Cook, in Bethel.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Bayroot LLC, in Township.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Bigelow Timber Corp., in Byron.

Neal B. Cohen to Steven and Carole M. Barrett, in Paris.

James L. and Anne O. Johnston to Travis O. Grant and Lisa D. Whittemore, in West Paris.

James W. Powers Inc. to Manuel S. Rebelo, in Sumner.

Donald L. and Kumnuan Plummer to John T. and Jennifer Christiansen, in Albany Township.

Robert F. and Helen Bradford to Alan R. and Andrew E. Bradford, in Andover.

Eva M. Dupuis and Nicole A. Harris to Jacques G. Dupuis, in Mexico.

Laura Bradford to John E. Heintzelman, in Byron.

Ellen L. and Steven Aho to Victor J. Haverinen, in Paris.

Victor J. Haverinen to Mecquier Hill Development Associates, in Paris.

Sarah D. Berry and Sarah D. Buxton to Kenneth R. Taylor Jr., in Hanover.

Royal River Development Co. and Royal River Development Corp. to Janet W. Smith and Smith Family Revocable Trust, in Newry.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Kenneth R. and Barrie L. Demarco, in Newry.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Ray, in West Paris.

Richard Ray to Joshua T. and Ryan K. Ray, in West Paris.

Derek Albert to Patience H. Johnson, in Canton.

Vicki Ellen Grant to Angela Marie Grant, in Oxford.

Eric R. Stoddard to John and Carol Sotman, in Paris.

Donald G. Dakin Jr. and Karen E. Morrison and Karen Dakin to Franklin Savings Bank, in Dixfield.

Edward F. Borkowski Jr. and Brenda Borkowski to Anston R. and Jeanne L. Boelsma, in Gilead.

Estate of Sarah B. Doughty and Herman L. Doughty to Victor Boudreau, in West Paris.

Thomas H. Chadbourne and Nathan and Irene Morris to Nathaniel M. and Amy E. Snow, in Woodstock.

Daniel L. and Valerie J. Waugh to Harlan R. and Kathy L. Bean, in Paris.

Cumberland County Mortgage and Cumberland County Mortgage Inc. and David and Nancy Graiver to 2004 Graiver Trust for William F. Graiver, in Paris.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Hancock Land Co. Inc., in Byron.

Estate of William F. Campbell and Mark Thomas to Durwood C. Wilson, in Oxford.

Sophia Ridacks to Jolene M. MacIsaac, in Rumford.

David A. and Frances M. Head to Paul S and Charlotte M. Kimball, in Bethel.

Oxford County ARC to Joseph R. and Carol Parise, in Rumford.

Bruce F. Powell and David W. Murphy and Mt. Will Associates to Maria A. Vrotsos, in Rumford.

Suzanne K. Grover to John P. and Thomas J. and Kelly L. Roth and Mark and Audrey and Andres Musella, in Gilead.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs and United States of America to Philip A. Plourde, in Rumford.

John E. and Marilyn W. Mattson to Cersosimo Industries Inc., in Otisfield.

Donald C. and Reta L. Briggs to Charles A. and Diane L. Morris, in Oxford.

Savage Land Development LLC to Donald M. and Diane M. Rung, in Bethel.

Paul S. and Charlotte M. Kimball to Edward J. Yasko, in Bethel.

Earl L. Tyler and Agatha Kimball to Josh T. Birrell, in Bethel.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Barry J. and Kathleen M. Donahue, in Bethel.

Vincent J. Ferrara to David R. Goudreault, in Newry.

Kelby and Lisa Day to Day Brothers Inc., in Otisfield.

Estate of Ivory L. Purington and Ellen A. Purington to Richard S. Hutchins, in Paris.

Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC to Paul A. Jadis and Patricia E. Tobel, in Woodstock.

Estate of Lena Ann Cormier and Constance Z. Porter to Kenneth J. Zitzelberger, in Rumford.

Linda L. Andrews Chute to Michael D. Gomes, in Newry.

Leonard M. Champa Sr. and Leonard M. Champa Jr. and Leonard Champa Jr. to Leonard M. Champa Jr., in Oxford.

Bethel Inn Corporation to Terry C. Horton, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation to Michael Cimmino, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation and Bethel Inn and Country Club to Brian J. Merrill and Valerie P. Royer, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation and Bethel Inn and Country Club to Peter F. and Martha E. Brunner, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation and Bethel Inn and Country Club to Gerald Colleary, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation and Bethel Inn and Country Club to Joshua J. and Katherine M. Norris, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation and Bethel Inn and Country Club to Brandon and Cindy Plainte, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation and Bethel Inn and Country Club to Johannes H. and Gigi C. Jordaan, in Bethel.

Samantha L. H. Cook to Colin L. Groves, in Paris.

Carolyn O’Brien and Carolyn C. Holden to Chadbourne Tree Farms, in Newry.

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