DIXFIELD – Ludden Memorial Library announces new arrivals for December.

Adult fiction

“A Christmas Promise,” Kinkade; “Falling Awake,” Krentz; “Family Blessings,” Michaels; “Holly,” Deveraux; “Life Expectancy,” Koontz; “Night Fall,” DeMille; “Pope Joan,” Cross; “Reunion,” Kingsbury; “Riptide: Crime Stories by New England Writers”; Silver Bells,” Rice.

Also, “Skeleton Man,” Hillerman; “State of Fear,” Crichton; “Sugar Cookie Murder,” Fluke; “The Autobiography of Santa Claus,” Guinn; “The Christmas Thief,” Clark; “The Queen of Big Time,” Trigiani; “The Royal Handmaid,” Morris; “The Silent Harp,” Morris; “Zanna’s Gift,” Richards.

Adult fiction large print

“Losing the Moon,” Henry; “Metro Girl,” Evanovich; “The Outside of August,” Hershon; “Trek of the Mountain Man,” Johnstone.

Adult nonfiction

“Better Homes and Gardens Christmas at Home”; “Cooking with Hot Flashes,” Bolton’ “Faithful: Two Die-Hard Boston Red Sox Fans,” O’Nam; “Filled with the Spirit,” Meyer; “Maine Remembers Those Who Served,” Gwadosky; “Poe’s Heart and the Mountain Climber,” Restak.


“Blue Dahlia,” Roberts; “Charmed and Enchanted,” Roberts; “Homecoming Wife,” Kilby; “Insatiable,” Henley; “Silent Witness,” David; “The Men of Bitter Creek,” Johnston.


“Our Fifty States.”

Juvenile fiction

“Animorphs: The Forgotten,” Applegate; “Babouska: A Christmas Folktale from Russia,” Scholey; “Bear Stays Up for Christmas,” Wilson; “Brown Paper Teddy Bear,” Allison; “Cars,” Levinson; “Charlie Who Couldn’t Say His Name,” Fahy.

Also, “Christmas in Camelot,” Osborne; “Christmas Presents: Holiday Poetry”; Junie B., First Grater-Shipwrecked,” Park; “No Biting,” Kate; “Stan Lee’s Super-Hero Christmas,” Lee; “That’s Not My Dolly,” Watt; “That’s Not My Train,” Watt.

Also, “The Beckoners,” Mac; “The Blue Ribbon Day,” Couric; “The Light of Christmas,” Evans; “The Twelve Dogs of Christmas,” Kragen; “The Wish List,” Colfer.

Graphic novels

“The Simpsons Holiday Humbinger,” Groening; “It’s Only a Game,” Schulz.


“Battle of Britain”; “Cold Mountain”; “Dora’s Christmas”; “Elf”; “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown”; “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids”; “Nicholas’ Gift”; “Peter Pan”; “Shrek 2”; “Spy Kids 3-D Game Over”; “The Journey of Natty Gann”; “The Stand”; “Thomas and His Friends Get Along.”

Audio CDs

“Echoes,” Steel; “Skeleton Man,” Hillerman; “The Christmas Shoes,” Van Liere.


“Air Power: Riveting Stories of World War II Combat”; “Freaky Friday”; “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”

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