FARMINGTON – The Franklin County Animal Shelter staff is asking what residents are looking for in a dog. The staff has one that is good with kids and likes other dogs and cats; one that is young so there will be more time to spend with her; one that wants nothing more than to please.

They would like to introduce Mya. She is just over a year old, being born in December of 2003. She had never met a cat before going to the shelter, but upon her first encounter with a cat, the staff said she was inquisitive but calm, letting the cat enjoy its own personal space.

She does well with dogs, they report, as long as the other dog is fine with her. She has been tested with children and does well. She rarely barks and doesn’t make messes in her kennel.

Mya has been at the shelter since December and she tells the staff every day that she is ready to find her forever home. They say they tell her to be patient and that the perfect family for her is out there.

New dogs at the shelter include a female black lab mix brought in from Wilton, a female lab/hound mix brought in from Wilton, a male Malamute mix with a chain around its neck brought in from Salem and a male black lab mix with collar from Industry.

The staff reminds pet owners of the importance of having their animals spayed/neutered. It lessens the animals’ chances of ovarian/testicular cancer as well as helping with the out-of-control pet population.

To help those who cannot afford the spay/neuter, the shelter has a loan-based program that can assist with the initial lump sum. For more information on the program, interested people can call 778-2638.

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