A new cash register of the latest and largest type was installed in the Ricker, Foss & Despin Co. store yesterday. It is wonderful what a variety of things a machine of this kind will do. The G. B. Haskell Co., have a similar register, these two things being the only ones in Lewiston.

In quite a number of our schools yesterday, especially in the lower grades, exercises in commemoration of Washington’s Birthday were held and many of the children have carried home this week painstakingly made little hatchets, carefully written stories of Washington’s life, etc. Today the Lewiston and Auburn schools will be closed in celebration of Washington’s Birthday.

50 Years Ago, 1955

The House refused to consider today a bill with the formidable title: “An Act to Control Cat Vagrancy in Order to Conserve Insectivorous Birds and Appropriate $10,000 for Cat Traps.” These traps in the bill’s language would be “used in public parks and public grounds throughout the state where insectivorous birds are endangered by prowling cats.” The measure also would make it unlawful to abandon cats or kittens. It further specified that giving a kitten to a child without the consent of the child’s parents would constitute abandonment. Cats would have to be licensed and an owner couldn’t let his cat “run at large off the premises.” A fine of $1 to $50 could be imposed by violators.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The president of Uptown Auburn, Inc., said today he is not satisfied with City Manager Charles A. Morrison’s recommendations on parking in Uptown Auburn because they do not provide for enough spaces. Richard Trafton also criticized Morrison’s proposal to use a portion of the front lawn at the City Building for parking, stating that Uptown Auburn Inc. never wanted to see all the green area in that location go.

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