High honors: Renee Giberson, Alexa Kaubris.

Honors: Eric Archibald, Ivy Benner, Brandon Bowie, Ryanne Brown, Jennifer Harvey, Stacey Lewis, Amy McLeod, Jonathan Schisler, Josh Slawek, Teri Slawek, Craig Wade, Brooke Weston.

Honorable mention: Briana Berry, Michael Blais, Matthew Chamberlin, Mallory Child, Matthew Colpitts, Alexander East, Bryan Eastman, Brandon Elliott, Christie Gallant, Nicole Gilbert, Danielle Glover, Randy Hall, Kimberly Hotham, Lindsey Kerr, Ryan Mayo, Sarah Oakes, Melissa Richard, Jonathan Robbins, Meredith Skibitsky, Amber Spear, Nicole St. Pierre.


High honors: Holly Knight.

Honors: Devin Brann, Nathan Conley, Cassandra Coulthard, Katelynn Giasson, Gary Holman, Kerri Kimball, Audrie Knox, Jesse Mitchell, Craig Young.

Honorable mention: Kimberly Billington, Leonard Hall, Michelle Hamann, Sierra Haynes, Terje Hekkelstrand, Kenneth Jamison, Brian Keene, Joshua Larsen, Julia MacDonald, Lindsey Milledge, Lisa Puiia, Donna White.


Honors: Melissa Bacon, Shannon Daley, Amy Gould, Rachael Hall, Melissa Harvey, Ashley Haynes, Katie Hutchinson, Jasmine Jacques, Nathan Knowles, Korina Lee, Jessica Mayo, Bradley McLeod, Molly Ray, Allison Roy, Megan Russell, Erica St. Pierre, Heather Stone, Tiffany Virgin, Katy White.

Honorable mention: Jacqueline Barnes, Brielle Brooks, Joshua Daley, Caitlin Dolloff, Katherine Gagne, Jessica Gill, Tanya Hawk, Devon Madore, Matthew Smith, Jeffrey Willis.


Honors: Chlorissa Blood, Andrew Colpitts, Kaitlin Garabedian, Alyson Gill, Kayla Hinkley, Brittany Palmer, Enrico Ross, Katie Waite, Kristina White.

Honorable mention: Jeremy Bellegarde, Heather Brown, Rebecca Garcia, Timothy Holman, Brianna Janke, Bianca Kennedy, Gregory Mailhot, Jonathan Smith, Samantha Webster.

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