Officers Ratcliffe and Hamilton of Auburn pulled in 10 tramps who were found in a box car at the M. C. R. R. station. The door of the car was ajar and the officers walked in on the “Weary Willies” at about eleven o’clock last night, giving them a great surprise. They claimed to be weavers and said they were bound for Bangor. They possessed the ordinary tramp’s outfit, whiskey, and the officers relieved them of several “long neckers.” One of the tramps was allowed to go as the officers were satisfied that his home was in Lewiston. This is the largest consignment of hobos captured in this vicinity for a long time as the twin cities have practically been free from members of this traveling fraternity.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Various citations will be awarded Sunday during the 75th anniversary celebration of Le Messager, Lewiston’s French language Daily newspaper. An organizational committee meeting last night at Jacques Cartier Hall, completed plans for recipients of the citations are to be announced at a dinner scheduled for 1 o’clock Sunday at Holy Cross parish hall.

Members of the St. Dominic High School band will go to Boston Wednesday to see a major league baseball game. The expense-paid trip is sponsored by the Parochial School Music Association. The youths will see the Boston Red Sox play the world champion Cleveland Indians.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Maine authorities reacted with anger and concern Thursday following the disclosure that millions of gallons of hazardous industrial waste have been dumped at the Saco public landfill. One official characterized the revelation as “only the tip of the iceberg.” An investigation by The Associated Press found that thousands of steel drums, containing acids, corrosives, explosives and other chemical byproducts, were trucked in from as far away as Long Island, New York through a network of handlers.

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