On Monday Sept. 19, some very interesting visitors came to St. Peter and Sacred Heart School. They were Camp Kieve from Waldoboro, Maine and they came to do some team building activities with us. We learned about the difference between competition and cooperation through games like Pilchanga, which is a fun game. The team stands in a circle with a rope around their backs. Two people have to hold a backpack. The object is to move through a course and back. This game needed a lot of cooperation and working together.

We played a game called Leaning Tower of Feetsa. This was very entertaining and involved seeing how high we could stack our toes from heel to toe. We also played a game called Magic Carpet. We had to stand on a tarp and flip it over without stepping off the tarp. After we accomplished this we had to put the tarp on our heads without using our hands.

But the activity that all the junior high students had patiently been waiting for was the 35-foot rock wall. Finally in the afternoon we got our chance. The green team went first while the orange team played Pilchanga. The green team went over safety measures like how to wear the harness and be a support system. Then finally we got a chance to try it. Quite a few people made it to the top. I think everyone would agree that the rock wall would be their favorite part. Everyone had a great time and can’t wait until they come back next year.

Cover photo: Joe Stalford and

Alex Landry make their way up

the wall.

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