‘Twas the middle of the night. Every pumpkin was alight. Every child’s costume donned, to earn the candy of which all are fond.

I myself was among them. I listened to them scream. For there’s many a scary face on the night of Halloween.

There was one house where the light shone an eerie shade of red. I couldn’t rid myself of frightening thoughts that rushed into my head.

I stepped up to the doorway as quiet as a mouse. I rang the little doorbell and heard it echo through the house.

Footsteps approached the door and it opened very wide. To my great amazement there was no one there inside.

I poked my head into the hallway, looked around for some one there. Then the floor just fell away, and with the floor away fell I.

I found myself within a chamber and all my fears were soon confirmed. For within a fire burned.

I felt drawn to the flame and, like Sleeping Beauty, came and held my fingers out. Polar bears could have heard my shout. I could not pull my fingers back from the searing heat, I had to stop my struggling and just admit defeat.

At last my fingers burned clear off. Free from the fire I ran. A quick glance behind me revealed a little man.

In his hand he held my fingers, burnt to the color black. I quickly went on running, and did not again look back.

Ahead of me there was a ladder, leading to the light. I hurried to climb up it, almost falling in my fright.

The doorway was still open, I rushed out into the street. I finally made it home, and started writing this with my feet. This explains the handwriting, which isn’t very neat.

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