Dear Sun Spots: The Trinity Jubilee Center is planning its second annual Empty Bowls project April 23 at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Pleasant Street, Auburn.

We need ceramic soup bowls to help make this event a success!

Would any of your readers be willing to donate handmade bowls to this project? We may be contacted at (207) 782-5700 or via e-mail at [email protected] Each donor will be acknowledged in our program.

At the event local artisans and students donate ceramic bowls which are then purchased by those attending and filled with soup from local restaurants.

Trinity Jubilee Center serves more than 35,000 meals a year to the hungry. The proceeds from the empty bowls project help fund that mission.

So bring those bowls on down! – Kim Wettlaufer, executive director, Trinity Jubilee Center, Lewiston.

Answer: While readers are busy collecting those bowls, Sun Spots would love to offer the following soup recipe to be eaten out of those new bowls:

Pumpkin Curry Soup: Ingredients and Method: One can of pumpkin, one can tuna in water, drained, fresh garlic cloves, crushed, chopped, curry powder, as much as you’d like. Mix all together. Heat gently until garlic is semi cooked. Enjoy with your favorite salad or bread. Options: Can add plain yogurt on top prior to serving, also chopped cilantro. Can also add some homemade chicken or vegetable broth to thin the soup’s consistency. Hearty. Warm and filling!

Dear Sun Spots: Are Cindy Williams and Sharon Rose of NBC Channel 6 news sisters? – J.V., Lewiston.

Answer: Based on the channel 6 Web site biographies it appears they are not. Williams is not from Maine originally. Her father was in the military so she moved all over the U.S. Cindy lives in the Portland area with her husband, News Center morning anchor Lee Nelson, and their two sons.

Rose grew up in a small Vermont town. She and News Center reporter Chris Rose are married, and have two daughters, Miranda and Duffy Anne. Sharon also has two rabbits, Pepper and MacDuff.

Dear Sun Spots: In response to Denise’s request for three-volt bulbs in the Jan. 11 newspaper, Denise can find them at Craft Mania (though I think they only carry the light bulbs during the holiday season).

Denise may get in touch with me at 353-2718. I purchased 18 three-volt bulbs from Craft Mania a few days after Christmas. However, I purchased the wrong bulbs and just have not returned them to Craft Mania. I paid 50 cents per bulb. Hope this helps. – Carol Shimko, Lisbon.

Dear Sun Spots: I have enjoyed your column very much and now have a reason to ask for help from your many readers.

I have discovered that there is a book that was printed in celebration of the 50-year jubilee of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Lisbon Falls, Maine in 1977. Maybe somebody knows if a copy of this is available that I may purchase. I would also like to know if someone would be willing to sit and identify the people in the book.

I returned to Maine in search of history and family. I am adopted. My brother passed away three years ago in August, and he was really all the information I had.

Any help you can offer will be appreciated. I may be reached at 784-7709. – S.H. Lewiston.

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