Hebron Academy

HEBRON – The following area students earned honors during the fall trimester at Hebron Academy:

Upper School

Highest honors (A- or higher): Katherine Cole, New Gloucester; Allison Coombs, Livermore; Molly Curtis, Turner; Lydia Drown, Leeds; Laurel Jordan, Gray; Melanie Kleven, Auburn; Silas Leavitt, Gray; Jonathan Phillips, Auburn; Kirk Turner, Harrison.

High honors (B+ or higher): Samantha Baril, Hebron; Brett Bisesti and Brianna Bisesti, Greene; Claire Cummings, Norway; Sarah Fensore and Erin Fraser, New Gloucester; Brian Knopp, Norway; Cameron Lao-Gosney, Raymond; Matthew LaPierre, Gorham, N.H.; Daniella Lyons, Greene, Brent Miller, Auburn; Emily Minigell, Minot; Katharine Planson, Victoria Planson and Mary Randall, New Gloucester; Brian Simms, Auburn; Joshua Taylor, Raymond; Rosa Van Wi, New Gloucester; Ashley Waldron and Stephen Wisutskie, Raymond.

Honors (B or higher): Kailey Bubier, Auburn; Kathleen Collins, Hebron; Matthew Desgrosseilliers, Auburn; Jennifer Duguay, Turner; Diamond Duryea, Norway; Taylor Fey, Raymond; Kelley Hilton, Norway; Elijah Hughes, Raymond, Sarah Irish, Buckfield; Emma Janeczko, Hebron; Roman Lao-Gosney, Raymond; Deane Napoli and Kelly Phillips, Auburn; Amanda Robinson, Hebron; Erik Rousseau, Lewiston; Brooks Schandelmeier, Newry, Michael Simms, Auburn; Kainani Stevens, Raymond; Katherine Stewart, Gray; Lisa Terkelsen, Hebron; Philip Thaxter, New Gloucester; Ross Thayer and Tyler Thayer, Auburn; Kees van Haasteren, Raymond; Michael Zielski, Auburn.

Middle School

Highest honors (A- average or higher): Annalyn Bachmann, Auburn; Rebekah Jett, Norway; Isabel Kannegieser, Minot.

High honors (B+ average or higher): Benjamin Blais, Minot; Polly Drown, Leeds; Andrew Keith and Cameron Thurston, Bethel; Harry Trask, Norway; Garrett Van Wie, New Gloucester.

Honors (B average or higher): Thomas Cummings, Norway; Bess Curtis, Turner; Laura Dow, Paris; Elias Gabrielsen, Norway; Maxwell Middleton, Hebron; Jordan Ramharter, Bethel; Rachel Rogers, Lewiston; Lucas Schandelmeier, Newry; Kurtis Stocker, Buckfield; Caela Waite, Turner.

For more information on the academy, call 966-2100 or visit www.hebronacademy.org.


Central Maine Christian Academy

LEWISTON – Central Maine Christian Academy, 390 Main St., recently held an awards ceremony for the second quarter. The following students received high honor certificates: Lex-C Jimenez, Emily Cormier, Bethany Ray, Sean Lewis, Sarah Beecher, Peter Field and Ashley Fish.

Second honor students receiving awards: Jasmine Cramp, Garrett Glass, Jessie Beecher, Sarah Bonneson, Rebecca Chabot, Lindsay Marchand and Nicholas Conant.

North Yarmouth Academy

YARMOUTH – The following area students attained honor roll status for the first trimester at North Yarmouth Academy:

Highest honors

Grade 10: Amy Miller of Auburn.


High honors

Grade 12: Harry Hanson of Bowdoinham, Danica Rogers of Pownal, Emily Staszak of Auburn.

Grade 10: Alex Briggs of Pownal, Jenna Lane of Durham.

Grade eight: Jaime Rogers of Pownal.

Grade seven: Robert Miller and Michael St. Denis, of Auburn.

Grade six: Grant McPherson of Durham.


Grade 12: Daniel Dearing of Lisbon Falls.

Grade 11: Julie-Marie Quattrocchi of Greene.

Grade nine: Victor Churchill of Auburn.

Grade eight: Lily O’Brien of Pownal.

Grade seven: Jordan Haskell, Jonathan Hearn and Timothy Millett, all of Auburn.

Grade six: Cailean Lane of Durham, Katherine Millett of Auburn.

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