SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Savage Land Development LLC, in Bethel.

Linda Paxman, Ernest E. Crouse to Kevin J. Paxman, in Buckfield.

Mark McAlister and Mark McAllister to Mark McAlister, in Hartford.

Suzanne S. and Suzanne Hayner and Peter G. Baker to Newry Community Church, in Newry.

Eugene S. and Isabella H. Martin to Randall H. Martin, in Township.

Eugene S. and Isabella H. Martin to Deborah C. Martin, in Township.

Eugene S. and Isabella H. Martin to Isabella M. McDaniel, in Township.

Christopher Godin to Jason Cardillo, in Bethel.

Kathleen E. Morton to Wayne G. and Diane Farnum, in Roxbury.

Michael Ziobrowski to Richard T. Landry, in Otisfield.

Frank H. and Sharon L. Glover to Scott E. and Michelle L. A. Bourget, in Hebron.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Richard A. and Marie T. Pelletier, in Waterford.

Dennis and Beth Heino to Jonathan A. and Sharon M. Blue, in Oxford.

William E. and Beth M. Downing to Archie J. Downing, in Norway.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Karl and Kymberly Wadensten, in Newry and Bethel.

Stacey Brusoe and M E S Trust to Gail A. Brusoe, in Paris.

John Hiram Pottle to John and Linda Ann Poto, in Otisfield.

David J. Everett and Everett Development Co. to Steven R. and Kelly J. Place, in Oxford.

Robert L. Barlow to Robert L. Barlow and Robert L. Barlow Declaration of Trust, in Upton.

Robert L. and Barbara B. Barlow to Robert L. Barlow and Robert L. Barlow Declaration of Trust, in Upton.

Royal River Development Co. and Royal River Development Corp. to Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc., in Newry.

Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc. to Mark Godfrey and Laura Lee Parker, in Newry.

Thomas E. Giroux and Estate of Pamela Jean Giroux, to Joseph L. Giroux, in Mexico.

Advanced Quality Custom Homes LLC to John N. and Veronica L. LeBlanc, in Paris.

Joseph F. Jr. and Gail A. Bumbaca to Gail A. Bumbaca, in Norway.

Timothy P. Hennessey to Leslie L. Siawor and Leslie L. Hennessey, in Oxford.

Franklin J. Lovejoy to Matthew R. and Hope M. Lovejoy Shepard, in West Paris.

Community Concepts Inc. to Vicki Ann Black, in Paris.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A. and Keith A. and Carolyn M. Sinclair to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A., in Rumford.

Christy A. Trask to Joanne C. Bonney and Gregory S. and F. Edward Trask, in Buckfield.

Michael S. Thompson and TLLLCMST Realty Trust to John Robinson and Sarah Anne Trayner, in Woodstock.

Clinton G. Bradbury and Bradbury Enterprises to Robert L. and Mary Lou Lipkin, in Waterford.

Karen M. Fontana to Mark S. Puddister and Susan J. Garrity, in Bethel.

Christopher H. Stearns to Christopher H. Stearns and Dawn Karen Jesseman, in Paris.

Lawrence B., Warren W. and Dwight A. Emery to Carol A. Bryant, in Paris.

Carol A. Bryant to Norris A. Stowell III, in Paris.

Mary M. Benson to Dennis R. and Judith G. Huber, in Woodstock.

Dickson Enterprises Inc. to Craig A. Dickson, in Mexico.

Robert and Concetta Morse to Laurence Stevens, and Kristina Smith, in Rumford.

Gloria B. Uribe and Gloria C. Benapfl to Cynthia T. McGinty, in Hartford.

John E. and Leatrice F. Chase to L and L Land Development Inc., in Woodstock.

Linda L. DeZotelle and Linda L. Lawton to Corey Young and Deborah Goff, in Waterford.

Larry A. Todd to Linda Ross, in Norway.

Craig D. and Sharon M. Quimby to Donald W. Richard, in Hartford.

Paul J. Gallant and Priscilla and Thomas and Nancy O’Donnell to Nathan N. Wight and Kate R. Nickerson, in Greenwood.

Louis J. Sicotte Jr. to Rebecca S. Higginbotham, in Woodstock.

Dolly M. and Claude F. White to Cynthia L. Stafford, in Norway.

David and David B. and Brenda and Brenda J. Bragg to Jeremy and Tanya Johnson, in Sumner.

Peter B. Chapman to Karen B. Chapman, in Oxford.

Leo F. Jr. and Frances R. Kersey to Michael T. and Candise M. Kersey, in Dixfield.

Douglas W. and Patricia Farwell to Douglas W. and Patricia Farwell, in Rumford.

Fidelity Bank and Loriann and Loriann M. Rumley to Rumford Group Homes Inc., in Rumford.

William K. and W. Kent Mann to William K. and Bonnie Anne Mann, in Mexico.

Denise A. Benedix to Robert L. and Mary R. Lapointe, in Peru.

Arthur S. Hayford and Estate of Lyndon S. Hayford to Lyndon A. Hayford, in Hartford.

Charles T. Hurd and Dorothy M. Hill to Dorothy M. Hill, in Paris.

Charles T. Hurd and Dorothy M. Hill to Charles T. Hurd, in Paris.

Leodon M. Crowley and Crowley Family Trust to Patrick Rossi, in Otisfield.

Gail A. Rein to Arthur H. and Cathy J. Goodwin, in Woodstock.

Norman L. and Eleanor H. Davis to Meadow View Estates LLC, in Newry.

George and Marianne Gould to William H. and Terry N. Childs, in Greenwood.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC and Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Alan J. Monier, in Newry and Bethel.

Christine G. Larson to Shaun M. Parker, in Bethel.

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