Dear Sun Spots: Thanks for a great column and keep up the good work.

On Friday, Feb. 10, there was a photo taken by Jose Leiva of the moon and St. Patrick’s cross. I am curious as to how he took that photograph. Was the photograph taken with two shots or just one?

He’s an awesome photographer, and I always look forward to seeing his work in the Sun Journal. – Rachel Pratt, Auburn.

Answer: If you’re ever on the Sun Journal Web site, you and other readers may be happy to check out the work of all our photographers. The direct link is Scroll down, and you’ll see Photos of the Year as well as Recent Photo Galleries on the right-hand side of your screen. Leiva’s and the other Sun Journal photographers’ work is posted on this link.

Sun Spots checked with Leiva and hopes his response will answer your question. Leiva says the moon and cross shot was done with a single exposure. Leiva used a 300-mm lens.

To get both the moon and cross in focus, he used the smallest lens aperture for maximum depth of field, which means trying to get both the foreground and background in reasonable focus.

Leiva says that most high-end pro cameras have what is called a preview button. When pressed, it shows you what will be in focus when the image is taken. This was used to ensure both elements were in acceptable focus. He placed his focus on the moon and let the cross fall into acceptable focus by using the smallest aperture his lens would allow.

Dear Sun Spots: I was very interested to read an article in Sun Spots on Feb. 10 regarding Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. It so happens that the mayor of Fort McMurray is my niece.

I live in Auburn, and if the person would like to contact my niece, I would be glad to give you her address and phone number. I can be reached at 782-0040. – No Name, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: Thanks for your great column.

My question is this: Where can I find someone who can help me sell my many collectibles and assorted collections of various items through eBay?

I am willing to pay for their services. I can be reached at 784-6241. Thank you. – R.D. Mathieu, No Town.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, Leo Cloutier is a trading assistant and can be reached in Lewiston at 754-9729.

The following list is posted on; these assistants will sell your items for you on eBay for a fee. By hiring one, you can take advantage of their selling expertise, save time and effort, and still reap the rewards of selling your item on eBay.

Assistants do all the work of selling an item on eBay for you, from listing an item and answering customer service inquiries, to collecting payment and shipping the item to the winning buyer.

The following is a partial list of those in the area. However, you should check out the Web site at for a more in-depth listing.

Alison Brigham of Auburn, 777-7253, 577-0844; Warren McGlauflin of Lisbon Falls, 353-0686; Brenda Lafrance of Lisbon, 353-7817; William Merryman of Sabattus, 375-8959; Gail Burgess of Auburn, 783-0239; Cindy Spencer of Auburn, 782-5650; Mike Fleury of Auburn, 784-9968; Scott Peacock of Auburn, 784-9900, 784-9700; William Cartmel of Lewiston, 795-1386; Sharon Bouchard of South Paris at 743-9219; Michael Mills of Gray, 657-2580 or 212-6267; Auction Drop, The UPS Store in Freeport, 866-DROPOFF; Bill or Barbara Hodgkins of Temple, 778-4267. Albert Glossian of Farmington, 491-5866 or 778-7647; ABC Cybersell of Lovell, who say they will be able to assist you. They take a 25 percent commission. You can reach them at 925-3242.

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