On Fri., Feb. 3, Holy Cross sixth, seventh, and eighth graders went to St. Dom’s for a volleyball tourney. Ms. Priscilla O’Hearn made the teams before we had lunch. Mr. Marc LePage was our referee for the day. After we ate lunch in the cafeteria at St. Dom’s, we went back into the gym.

Then we played class against class. The first two classes to go were Mr. Lepage’s class and Mrs. Peggy DeBlois’ class and Mr. LePage’s class won. Later it was Mrs. Barbara McManus vs. Ms. Yvette Marcoux; Mrs. McManus’ class won. Then Mrs. Carmen Hunter vs Ms. O’Hearn and Ms. O’Hearn’s class won. Last was the eighth grade against the sixth grade – the eighth grade barely won. Overall everyone had fun, and if, we had the chance, we would do it again.

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