Dear Sun Spots: We, the members of the Lewiston Auburn Night Lions would like to inform area residents of our work and objectives in the area.

We collect used eyeglasses for recycling to help the needy throughout the world. Collection boxes are at Shaw’s Supermarkets, 600 Center St., Auburn, 784-6971 and 27 East Ave., Lewiston, 784-6900; Hannaford 95 Spring St., Auburn, 784-6497, 692 Sabattus St., Lewiston, 784-0721; Wal-Mart, 100 Mount Auburn Ave., Auburn, 784-0738; BJs Wholesale Club, 110 Mount Auburn Ave., Auburn, 753-1300; Pro Vision Center, Auburn Mall, Auburn, 783-1394; Optometric Assoc., 168 East Ave., Lewiston, 784-3564; Roger Bergeron, 585 Main St., Lewiston, 784-0153; Dr. Lee Derosa, 633 Main St., Lewiston, 783-8243 or Tri County Mental Health Services, 415 Rodman Road, Auburn, 784-4110. They may also be mailed to 386 Lincoln St., Lewiston, ME 04240. We also recycle used printer ink cartridges, cell phones and hearing aids.

We have a small but active club that is also looking for interested members of our community to join us in helping others. We meet at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 57 Bates St., Conference Room B, on the second floor. We welcome anyone to drop by and learn more about what we do. Helping those in need is a very rewarding experience.

Please contact us by phone for more information. We may be reached at 786-3178 or 783-5019. – Marcel Nadeau, Lewiston.

Answer: Many thanks for this in-depth information. Several column readers have written in recently for somewhere to recycle their used eyeglasses and this information will greatly assist them.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know if you could please find the words to Sarah Beth by Rascal Flatts?

Some of the words go: Sarah Beth is scared to death….Then she closes her eyes and dances around….

Thank you. – No Name, Peru.

Answer: Sun Spots located the following lyrics online at

Rascal Flatts – Skin Lyrics

Sarah Beth is scared to death

To hear what the doctor will say

She hasn’t been well

Since the day that she fell

And the bruise, it just won’t go away

So she sits and see waits with her mother and dad

and flips through an old magazine

Til the nurse with the smile

Stands at the door

And says will you please come with me

Sarah Beth is scared to death

Cause the doctor just told her the news

Between the red cells and white

Something’s not right

But we’re gonna take care of you

Six chances in ten it won’t come back again

With the therapy we’re gonna try

It’s just been approved

It’s the strongest there is

I think we caught it in time

Sarah Beth closes her eyes

and She dreams she’s dancing

Around and around without any cares

And her very first love is holding her close

And the soft wind is blowing her hair

Sarah Beth is scared to death

As she sits holding her mom

Cause it would be a mistake

For someone to take

A girl with no hair to the prom

For, just this morning right there on her pillow

Was the cruelest of any surprise

And she cried when she gathered it all in her hands

The proof that she couldn’t deny

Sarah Beth closes her eyes

and she dreams she’s dancing

Around and around without any cares

and her very first love was holding her close

and the soft wind is blowing her hair

It’s quarter to seven

That boy’s at the door

And her daddy ushers him in

And when he takes off his cap

They all start to cry

Cause this morning where his hair had been

Softly, she touches just skin

They go dancing around and around

Without any cares

And her very first true love is holding her close

For a moment she isn’t scared…

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