Dear Sun Spots: It’s spring! Time for the annual Edward Little Music Association garage sale on April 22 at the Edward Little gym. Once again, we are asking for the communities’ support. If you have items that you no longer have use for and would like to donate, we’re happy to pick them up. Please call Jen Fortin at the high school at 783-8528 or Robin Lacasse 754-8733. We won’t be able to accept large appliances such as washers, dryers, etc. Donate your items to a great cause. As always, the music association appreciates the support and help of the community. – Kathy Talpey, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a new baby and I would like the words to the nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy Went To The Market.” It’s played on the toes. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots is glad to provide it for you and your baby’s pleasure. The lyrics for this nursery rhyme appear to have been first published in 1728:

“This little piggy went to the market,

This little piggy stayed at home,

This little piggy had roast beef,

This little piggy had none,

And this little piggy

Cried “wee-wee-wee”

All the way home.”

In addition, there is a wonderful history of the origins of nursery rhymes on the Web. Sun Spots thought you might also be interested in the following information about the origins of the nursery rhyme “Old Mother Hubbard” in English history. According to nursery_rhymes/old_mother_hubbard.htm, the Old Mother Hubbard referred to in these nursery rhyme words and lyrics allude to the famous Cardinal Wolsey.

Cardinal Wolsey was the most important politician and churchman of the Tudor history period in 16th century England. Cardinal Wolsey proved to be a faithful servant but displeased King Henry VIII by failing to arrange the king’s divorce from Queen Catherine of Aragon, which would have enabled him to marry Anne Boleyn. (Henry VIII eventually divorced Catherine by rejecting the Catholic church’s authoritiy and declaring himself the head of the Church of England.)

In “Old Mother Hubbard,” the king was the “doggie,” and the “bone” alludes to the divorce (and not money as many believe). The cupboard relates to the Catholic Church.

“Old Mother Hubbard

Went to the cupboard

To get her poor doggie a bone,

When she got there

The cupboard was bare

So the poor little doggie had none.”

Dear Sun Spots: The Lewiston High School class of 1951 will hold its 55 year reunion July 8, 2006, at the Carriage House, 1119 Lisbon St., Lewiston. A social hour will be held from 6 to 7 p.m.

Invitations have been mailed out. Anyone who has not received their invitation letter and who would like to attend please contact Jackie at 784-4384 or Pauline at 782-1444. Anyone with information on deceased classmates please call Pauline. – Pauline “Polly” O’Connell, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I am a reading teacher at Wales Central School. Recently the parents of one of our students bought enough Leap Pads so that every one of our kindergartners and first-graders will have one to use at school. Their generosity is to be commended!

Now we need books to go with our Leap Pads. Are there any readers out there who have books that their child has outgrown or no longer uses? If any readers in the Lewiston/Auburn area have books that they will be willing to donate to our school, please call us. Arrangements can be made for pick up or they can be dropped off or mailed to Wales Central School, 175 Centre Road, Wales, ME 04280. Thank you in advance for your generosity. – Deb Gagnon, Wales Central School in Wales.

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