JAY – Jay voters passed a $16.3 million school and town spending package for 2006-07 during an all-day referendum Monday at the polls.

The article asking for $5,000 for a pulp and paper museum was narrowly approved by a margin of nine votes.

Less than 15 percent or 522 of the town’s more than 3,600 registered voters turned out to cast ballots on the 42 articles.

Residents elected Steve McCourt to serve a three-year selectman’s term with 342 votes to Joe Diaz’s 163 votes in the only contested race.

Also, elected to serve a three-year selectman’s term in an uncontested race was former School Committee member Amy Pineau with 461 votes.

Elected to serve on the School Committee were incumbent Tammy Dwinal-Shufelt, garnering 423 votes for a three-year term; and newcomer Nancy Chaney with 446 votes for a one-year term. They were unopposed.

Richard Ring was re-elected for a three-year trustee term on the North Jay Water District and several write-in candidates were received for a three-year trustee term on the Jay Village Water District. Town Clerk Ronda Palmer will look those ballots over Tuesday to determine the winner.

Voters approved adoption of a changing sign ordinance in 297-176 vote and authorized spending of $25,000 for design and engineer work for a business park behind the Jay Plaza by a 303-208 vote

All articles pertaining to the $5.83 million municipal budget, which reflected a 3 percent increase from this fiscal year, were approved by a healthy margin.

The proposed $10.46 million school package reflects a $36,323 decrease from the existing budget. It also will require $307,702.49 less in local tax money than the existing budget.

The $10.46 million school package that reflects a $36,323 decrease from the existing budget and $307,702.49 less in local tax money, also passed by a good margin of votes.

Voters also voted 317-140 to pass the $91,760 adult education budget.