Brokeback Mountain is the best movie I have ever seen. Jake Gyllenhaal has always been an “ok” actor, not outstanding but not bad either, and probably only popular became of his gorgeous blue eyes and his pouty lips…… Okay, I was in love with him for those reasons, but I saw a deeper side; a great actor emerges as he played Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. I watched the movie in amazement as Jack Twist and Ennis Delmar fall into a forbidden love. It was emotional tenure, yet a beautiful love story that captured my heart. It was heart wrenching to see them go their separate ways and live “normal” lives with wives and children… I cried several times during the movie, especially when Ennis finds out that Jack was killed.

Many people told me not to watch this movie because it was full of “sin” and that it was “boring” and it was just a “gay cowboy movie.” Well, those people couldn’t have been more wrong! How can true love be a sin? These two men were actually in love, the deepest kind of love that grabs your heart and refuses to let go. If you are capable of that kind of love, I don’t understand how that could be a sin. If anything, I think God would appreciate it. And of course you do see some nudity (it is rated R after all) but not much and it should be viewed maturely. The nudity is filmed tastefully, and not at all in a way meant to offend anyone.

This movie is not in the least bit boring. Yes, it does require an attention span longer than two seconds because it doesn’t cut from scene to scene like most movies these days. This movie actually is very compelling and grabs at your heart and also at your brain. It gets you thinking about today’s society which is not much more accepting than it was back when this movie took place. You wonder what it may have been like to be those two men, in love yet only able to share that love every few years.

And lastly, this movie is anything but just a gay cowboy movie. If you watch closely, you see that the characters aren’t “gay” as most people would describe it today. I think that Ennis is a genuine straight guy, and that Jack has a curiosity about men, but is not truly gay. These men become close after working together on Brokeback Mountain and then fall in love. As it says on the cover, “Love is a force of nature.”

It is a little awkward the first time they kiss and make love, but it is the sense of love and companionship that you are supposed to see through those actions. Plus, I am the type of girl that thinks watching guys kiss is romantic and sweet and yes, “hot.” It shows a type of forbidden love “or lust” that most people are ashamed of, and to show that in public reveals a deep commitment that most people are afraid of.

So my suggestion to you is to watch Brokeback Mountain with a mature mind. Sure, there are some awkward parts, but the movie as a whole is beautiful and amazing. Trust me; you’ll come away a better person. And if you watch it with a friend, don’t let them snigger the whole way through it, because they’ll ruin it for you and for themselves. This movie is not to be taken lightly. You have to take it seriously or you will think it’s a “boring gay cowboy movie.”