BEIJING, China (AP) – A shaft collapsed in an iron mine in central China, trapping eight miners 420 feet underground, a local official said Sunday.

Rescue workers were trying to pump water and mud from the Dalongshan Iron Mine near Anqing City, the Xinhua News Agency said. But it was not known whether the eight miners, trapped since Saturday, were still alive, said an official with the Dalongshan township government who only gave his surname, Li.

The miners were working 420 feet underground when rocks, dust and water poured into the shaft, cutting off their escape and ventilation early Saturday, Xinhua said.

The Anqing City government ordered all local mines closed for safety inspections.

, Xinhua said.

Chinese mines are among the deadliest in the world, despite repeated calls by the central government to improve mine safety. With coal, iron and other raw materials in high demand, mining companies ignore safety rules to maximize profits, often with the complicity of local governments.