NEW GLOUCESTER – As of July 1, the fees for bulky waste will be replaced by an annual permit sticker that costs $5 for each vehicle a household uses to dispose of bulky waste.

Any solid waste accepted at the transfer station that is not regular household trash may be disposed of at the transfer station by using the permit.

Some examples of solid waste for which disposal fees will be changed include the following: furniture, televisions, computers, carpet, toilets, mattresses, tires, baby car seats, bucket or bench car seats, wood, brush, plywood.

Permit stickers are not available to commercial haulers. They shall continue to dispose of bulky items at Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp. in Auburn.

The permit stickers for fiscal year 2006-07 are available at the Town Office and transfer station. Whenever possible, however, residents are advised to purchase their permit stickers at the Town Office to avoid confusion at the transfer station. Lost or stolen permit stickers will only be replaced by buying another permit for $5.