FARMINGTON – A trip to England with her high school singing group in April convinced Malina Dumas that she wants to live in Europe someday.

The Mt. Blue High School senior class valedictorian will study international relations and economics at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Mass., in the fall.

“I looked at just about every school very in-depth starting my sophomore year,” she said of her college choice. “I visited the Wellesley campus and loved it, and I grew to like the idea of a women’s college and what it can bring to me academically. Plus it’s close to Boston, and I love Boston.”

She also loves to travel.

“I want to live abroad or work in international business,” she said. “I really like the European culture and all the different languages that are around you all the time. And it has such a rich history. It’s older (than the United States), and there’s so much to it, so much to see.”

Dumas speaks French and will continue to study the language in college. And along with her studies, Dumas intends to get involved with as many campus activities as possible.

“I like being busy. I can’t do my schoolwork without a stacked schedule,” she said.

She advises incoming high school students to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them.

“Get involved as much as you can and find something that you enjoy,” she said.

Dumas plays the violin, does theater, plays tennis, is on the high school civil rights team and enjoys singing.

When she leaves Farmington for Wellesley and eventually Europe, Dumas says she will remember “how supportive the community is and how involved it is with so many things, especially the arts. They really support you. For a small town, there’s a lot of opportunities.”

But with all her extracurricular activities, Dumas always kept her focus on her studies.

“It’s important that you stay focused from your freshmen year,” she said. “If you get on a good academic track, it’s easier to stick with it.”