CARRABASSETT VALLEY – Maine State Golf Association tournament results from June 29 and 30 and July 1: 4-Ball Gross, 1. Mike Norris/Greg Black/Roy Leighton/Mike Dimonaco 62; 2. Shawn McKague, Tim Mariano/Matt Greenleaf/Todd Kirn 67; 3. Ron Brown Jr./Eric Hayward/Denny Siewertsen/Marc Siewertsen 68; 4. (tie) Scott Barnicle/Mike Doran/Wally Hurley/Josh Wright, Ray Convery/Tom Tiner/Mike Wing/Brian Henderson 69; 6. (tie) Kevin Lee/Robbie Lee/Chris Hayward/Terry MacMillan, Ray Hawley/Lowell Watson/Mike McGuire.Tim Flanagan 70.

Net, 1. Mike Knox/Mickey Davis/Dana Worster/Bob Girvan 56; 2. Sean Farnsworth/Galen Chapman/Paul Farnsworth/Rick Seamans 57; 3. (tie) Craig Pride/Mike Comer/Dan Dalfonso/Tom Greer, Phil Bilodeau/Dave Bilodeau/Brian Bilodeau/Lou Lepage 58; 5. Bob Tweedie/Dave Dunham/Don Finley/Mark Boivin 59; 6. (tie) Bob Farthing/Greg McCormack/John Driscoll/Darrell Smith, Cy Thompson/Ken Luce/Bob Wood/Dick McCann 60.

Thursday/Friday Skins, Gross, Rick Seamans, Sean Farnsworth; Net, Dave Bilodeau, Steve Sirois, John Driscoll. Saturday skins, Gross, Ron Greco, Dana Worster, Greg Black, Greg Roberts, Mike Dimonaco; Net, Dave Marston, Roy Leighton.

Thursday/Friday Pins, Dave Bilodeau, Peter Freyer, Todd Kirn, Gary Bazinet Saturday Pins, Gary Williamson, Don Finley, Rick Dyer, Arnie Benner.

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