LITCHFIELD – David Collinsworth shot a hole-in-one Saturday at The Meadows Golf Club. He aced the #15 hole, 138-yards. The feat was witnessed by playing partners Mike Dumais and Steve Sirois, all competing in the Maine State Golf Association event.

Other Meadows news:

Thursday Couples League, July 20: gross, Mike-Linda Adkins, Brian Callahan, Mary O’Mara. Net: 1. Joe-Sharon Mertzel, Don Blanchette, Connie Foster; 2. Hubert Nadeau, Rachel Newman, Moe Stickney, Anne Sarce. Closest to the pin #15, Lou Longtin, 29’2″.

Augusta Elks League, July 17: net, Fred Hatch, 31; closest to the pin #7, Pete Laney, 7’2″.

Monday Night League, July 17: A Flight: 1. Bob Newhouse, 17 points; 2. Walt Bubier, 15; 3. Dan Bence, 13. B Flight: 1. Richard Douglass, 11; 2. Dave Brown, 10; 3. Randy Dionne, 8. C Flight: 1. Ron Mansir, 14; 2. Don Blanchette, 13; 3. Joe Burns, 8. Closest to the pin #15, Lee Biron, 29’6″; #17, Henry Menard, 7’7″; raffle winner, Ron Mansir.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Ladies League, game of day, 3 clubs and a putter: A Flight: Jeannette Cote, 31.5; Martha Cielinski, 33; Phyllis Greim, 34.5; Vera Marcotte, 37.5. B Flight: Jackie Deschene, 32.5; Pat Carr, 37; Irene Asselin, 38; Terry Moore, 38.5. C Flight: Jean Cote, 32; Evelyn Sinclair, 33; Shirley Jordan, 38; MJ Lesperance, 39. Closest to the pin #3, Evelyn Sinclair, 14’3″; Muriel Bourough, 24’10”; 50-50, Irene Asselin. Next event is a “Scotch Twosome”.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Shoot-Out, July 22: A Flight, 1. Jace Pearson; 2. Jay Stone; B Flight, 1. Loren Cayer; 2, Bruce Cox.

Ladies Night, July 18, game of week, blind hole #15: A Flight, Karen Nicole, Pat Griggs; B, Diane Darling, Joyce Bouley, Louise LeCompte; C, Pricille Raymond; D, Jackie Bennett; E, Lisa Ouellette. Top 3 teams: 1. Eleven (Therrien-Gross); 2. Ten (Griggs-Nadeau); 3. Seven (Emmi-Bouley).


POLAND – Fairlawn Ladies, July 20, best 9 holes: B Flight, Noella Rocheleau C, Dot Hopkins; D, Irene Mathieu. Low gross, A, Mickey Bolduc; B, Marge Cormier; C, Lynn Polley; D, Lu Dube. 50-50 winner, Lynn Polley.

Apple Valley

LEWISTON – Moe St. Laurent and George Hopkins have advanced to the finals of the Apple Valley Cup. Hopkins beat Peter Wade 3 & 2, and St. Laurent knocked off Bob Boulet on the 18th hole of their match, shooting a par/net birdie. The finals are set for Sunday, July 30.


MEXICO – Men’s Night Points, July 19: Rodney Daoust, Dick Giberson, Sr., Mark Burton, Len Greaney, +9; Greg Dawson, Chuck Welch, Don Johnson, Wayne Delano, +8; Joe Gorham, Jeff Mayo, Ray Bedard, Keagan Easter, +7.

Newpage Maintenance Tournament, July 20: 1. Greg Dawson, Joe Thibeault, George Townsend, Cliff Davis; 2. Rob Fergola, Paul Litalien, Dave Fergola, Gary Clement.

MSGA tourney

LITCHFIELD – Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association weekly tourney held July 21-22 at The Meadows:

CLASS A: Gross: Jerry Glidden, 66; John Bauman, 67; Steve Lycette, Andy Fournier, 69; Jim Veno, 69 (MC). Net: Mark Friedman, 70-61; Doug Craib, 69-62; Scott Jones, 71-62; Tom Greene, 71-64; Steve Bouthot, 69-64 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: Mike Dimonaco, 67; Jim Stone, 71; Marcel Mathieu, 74; Dick Sheldon, 75; Mert Dearnley, 77 (MC). Net: Pat Mitchell, 73-58; Chad Croskill, 76-62; Tony Puleio, 76-63; Dave Collins, 78-63; Rudy Plummer, 78-63 (MC).

CLASS C: Gross: Lou Lepage, 78; Hal Small, Bob Miniutti, 80; Mike Grace, 81; Aaron Hodsdon, 81 (MC). Net: Bert Dube, 81-61; KC Geiger, 89-62; Reggie Gammon, 82-62; Dick Gross, 86-62; Skip Waltz, 84-62.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Ralph Noel, 71; Dale Brown, 73; Paul Renaud, 74 (MC). Net: Arnie Harmon, 77-63; Dave Harris, 80-65; Roy Leighton, 82-65 (MC).

4-BALL: Gross: Mike Norris, Roy Leighton, Mike Dimonaco, Greg Black, 61; Ralph Noel, Paul Renaud, Jim Veno, Dale Brown, 62; Rick Jones, Neal Grover, Jeff Wass, Jim Raye, 62; Jerry Glidden, Bob Field, Jim Horn, 63 (MC). Net: Sean Farnsworth, Paul Farnsworth, Galan Chapman, Jim Chabot, 64-52; Mike Grace, Greg Roberts, Doug Craib, Hal Small, 64-52; Charlie Swett, KC Geiger, Tom Smith, Joe Grenier, 70-53; Dick Butterfield, Terry McCullough, Paul Pinette, Vaughn Gushee, 65-53; Paul Connolly, Bill Adamson, Mike Bartley, Wade Trudel, 67-53; Bert Dube, Dennis Dube, Ray Dube, John Herbst, 68-53 (MC).

SKINS: Friday: gross, none; net, John Herbst, Steve Mitchell, Vaughn Gushee. Saturday: gross, Jerry Mansfield, Dave Collinsworth, Sean Farnsworth; net, Mike Dimonaco, Joe Grenier.

PINS: Friday: Tom Bachelder, #3, 1’1″; Doc Howard, #5, 4’1″; Joe Norton, #7, 6’3″; Marcel Mathieu, #11, 3’5″; Tom Bachelder, #15, 2’3″; Reggie Gammon, #17, 2’7″. Saturday: Art Scholosser, #3, 5’1″; Ron Gordon, #5, 6’5″; Jim McKay, #7, 3’3″; Jim Raye, #11, 3″; Dave Collinsworth, #15, ace; Barry Hopkins, #17, 3’5″.

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