FRYEBURG – Michelle Broyer said she tried to take her kayak down to a landing on Saco River, but she couldn’t get it out because too much trash was in the way.

“It was just disgusting,” the Fryeburg resident said.

Broyer said she’s had it with the mess piled up by the river. With the help of local canoe companies, she’s organizing a group to clean it up on Sept. 10.

The trash problem by the river has been worse this year, Broyer said. She added that more large groups of college-aged people are visiting campgrounds on weekends, drinking heavily and leaving their trash behind.

“This year it’s pretty much gotten out of control,” Broyer said.

Each canoe company will take a section of river by their geographic area. They will provide free canoes and shuttles for the volunteers, Broyer said.

Altogether they will clean 50 miles of river.

She said she has already gotten a good response for the cleanup day. She is relying on word of mouth and the local media to spread the word. The Fryeburg Police Department is also helping to promote the event.

After the event, there will be a cookout for the volunteers, Broyer said.

Broyer said that she also held a cleanup day eight years ago.

“I’m always concerned about trash,” Broyer said.

She said she is also working with the Saco River Cleanup Fund to get people to realize why they should help keep the river clean.

“This is a precious resource,” Broyer said. “To see that trash and what they’re leaving there is just awful. (We need to) educate people how to take care of the river and treat it with respect.”

For more information or to volunteer, contact Broyer at [email protected]

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