IRVINE, Calif. (AP) – The three American cities vying for a 2016 Olympics bid have delivered 60-page reports to the U.S. Olympic Committee detailing their plans.

San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago met the Friday deadline to show the USOC their plans in 10 major categories: Games concept, political support, venues, transportation, accommodations, finance, security, experience, international strategy and USOC partnership plans.

“Our ultimate goal is to help each of these cities build the best possible Olympic plans so we can select from among them the city with the best chance of winning internationally,” said Bob Ctvrtlik, head of the USOC’s international relations department.

The USOC will release a summary of its evaluation of the questionnaires in late October, at which time the field of cities could be narrowed.

The International Olympic Committee won’t pick a 2016 host city until 2009 in Copenhagen from a field that already includes Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo along with possible bids from India and the United States.

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