How many kids do you know bring a toothbrush to school? Not many, and a lot of kids have plaque and food residue on their teeth after they eat school lunch. So how do you fix this problem you may ask? Well, chew gum! Not allowed? You should be allowed to chew gum because it can improve your dental health, may keep you healthy, and make your mind work better!

Chewing gum is the next best thing to brushing (and no, I don’t mean sugary gums are.) If you were able to chew gum after lunch it would be almost like brushing your teeth. What chewing gum does is it creates natural water in your mouth called saliva, and what that saliva does is it washes some of that plaque and food residue you have on your teeth. But you must remember that chewing gum will never replace brushing and flossing twice a day.

Some gums can even improve your health! You will find in particular brands of gum that they put vitamin C in it, and what that does is it helps fight off colds in your body. If you have fewer colds that means more time you spend in school. The more time you spend in school the better grades you will get. Better grades!

Chewing gum is also a great thing to have in school because it can make your mind work better. What it does is that particular motion in their jaw that kids have makes blood flow to their brain. This simple piece of gum can make you think, well, who would of thought?

Gum chewing is so healthy for you. Isn’t it amazing how this simple little piece of gum can have all these wonderful health benefits? So please talk to your local student council representative and ask them to talk about it in their next meeting. Chewing gum at school is the way to go!

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