You’re a hard one to love,

as you’ve put on layers,

to hide who you really are.

It’s impossible to break through,

the many walls,

you’ve built around yourself.

it is a frustrating job,

trying to get you to notice.

You’re a hard one to love,

as you’ll listen to whatever,

I tell you.

But dodge questions,

I ask you.

You’re eyes are so shrouded in mystery,

you betray the thoughts,

behind those vacant spaces.

You’re a hard one to love.

Yet you push it away,

and curl up into yourself,

begging me to turn away,

Scared I never will.

Afraid to open your heart.

You’re a hard one to love,

as you shy away,

hiding in your shell,

from those who try,

to pull you closer.

You’re losing yourself,

in the misery of your loneliness,

suspicious of every turn.

You’re a hard one to love,

as I’ve said before,

that doesn’t make you different,

because love will always wait,

at first you’ll be scared,

but be wise and take your time,

as it goes by, you’ll learn to fall,

and I’ll be there to catch you.

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