Tuesday, Sept. 26 at Trinity Catholic Middle School, Mrs. Vaillancourt, Mr. John Foss and Mrs. Joe Bettencourt came from The American Music Company and brought in several brass and woodwind instruments, they are the cello, viola, violin, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trombone, trumpet and the percussion kit.

They started out by playing “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical. They used the trumpet and the clarinet from this song. Then they talked about the trumpet, it has three valves, and a mouthpiece. The piccolo is like the trumpet. The bugle has one tube and a mouthpiece. The next thing Mr. Foss used was a sea shell. The sea shell had a low sound. Then he played a funnel with a hose.

The trombone was the next instrument. It has a slider, a mouthpiece, and long tubing. The next song they played was “Bop to The Top” from High School Musical. They used a trumpet and a flute.

The first woodwind instrument was the flute. It is the highest tone instrument. Then they did the clarinet and the saxophone. They are both woodwinds. They both have reeds, mouth pieces, and keys. The saxophone needs a strap that goes around your neck and clips to the saxophone.

One person asked “Is there an easy or a hard instrument?” Mr. Bettencourt and Mr. Foss said that there is no such thing, every instrument has hard points and easy points, but all instruments take practice and hard work, just like practicing soccer, baseball, basketball, or softball.

There is a lot of participating at Trinity Catholic School for instrument instruction. This program is for fourth through eight grade students.The program is very strong with everyone joining. There is a beginning class and an advanced class. The advanced class is continuing from the St. Peter and Sacred Heart students who did the instrumental program last year. This program is a great experience for all the students here at Trinity Catholic School.

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