Word of the week: “planchette.” It is the device on legs that spells out messages on a Ouija board. The word is derived from the Latin for “plank.”

“Dictionary people” update No. 2: Thanks to all who wrote with these additional real-life people whose full name is a dictionary entry: Annie Oakley (Patti Summerville, Edmonds, Wash.), Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers (Sandy Shaffer, Brentwood, Calif.), and Sally Lunn (Joyce Van Tuyl, Seattle, Wash.).

The youngest recipient to date of the American Film Institute’s prestigious Life Achievement Award is:

Steven Spielberg

B) Dustin Hoffman

C) Tom Hanks

D) Meryl Streep

Friday’s answer: George Bernard Shaw’s last play, “Shakes Versus Shav,” was written to be performed by puppets.

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