Dear Sun Spots: Upon leaving Lowe’s in Auburn recently, I stupidly left a walking cane in a shopping cart.

On the few occasions I have done this before, I was fortunate that a good Samaritan found the cane and turned it over to the service desk at the store where I was then able to retrieve it.

This time I had no such luck. It’s a beautiful cane; long grain white oak with scalloped burnished designs down the shaft.

It was given to me as a gift from my wife more than 30 years ago. It was one of a kind and I treasured it. Anyone finding a walking cane in a shopping cart at any store should not consider it a finder’s keepers affair. It’s rather thoughtless and not very nice to deprive an elderly handicapped person of an aid to getting around.

Whoever took the cane should consider figuring out a means to bring it to the service desk at Lowe’s. No questions asked. However, if the person now using the cane is an elderly handicapped person, and in real need of a cane, consider it a gift. Merry Christmas. – EAS, Auburn.

Sun Spots did contact Lowe’s and checked with the service desk.

She was advised that no one had left anything of that description there. Sun Spots is hopeful the person who has it will return it to you.

Dear Sun Spots: Many thanks to you and your loyal Sun Spots readers for the numerous donations of buttons and beads we have received since our October request. My family and I have met some wonderful and generous people while picking up donated items.

The response was truly overwhelming. My father’s one year anniversary of his passing was Friday. I wanted to let you and your readers know we have donated $10,000 to prostate cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute from the sales of Bunny’s Bracelets.

Our goal is to be able to donate $12,000 by the end of the year, and we’re currently on track to reach that goal. On behalf of my family and the terrific folks at Dana-Farber, I wish you and all Sun Spots readers a happy, safe and healthy holiday season. – Dot Mynahan, No Town.

How wonderful Dot! Sun Spots is thrilled with the response you and your family have received. For anyone else with collections of old buttons, beads, broken rosaries and more who would be willing to donate for prostate cancer research, contact Bunny’s Bracelets. Along with owning some pretty and funky style bracelets, your purchase will help further prostate cancer research. This is a reminder to please check your button boxes and more to see what collections you may be able to donate.

Contact Dot Mynahan, founder of Bunny’s Bracelets at [email protected] or by phoning 650-3725. For more information about the bracelets’ history, check out

The site is still under construction, however bracelets may be purchased by contacting the e-mail above.

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