There are “three degrees of separation” between Judy Garland and Jude Law. Garland appeared in a 1964 concert film with Vic Damone, who sings in the film “The Gift of Love” starring Lauren Bacall, who was in “Presence of Mind” with Law.

Many trivia fans will be familiar with “What hath God wrought” as an early telegraphic message sent by inventor Samuel Morse. From the context, one can deduce that “wrought” is a past-tense verb, but what root verb does “wrought” come from?


B) Write

C) Work

D) Wrack

Answer Monday.

Thursday’s answer: Although the two actors had not met before, Kevin Pollak was invited to introduce Christopher Walken at the unveiling of Walken’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because of Pollak’s ability to mimic Walken.

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