Suzanne Johnson of Buckfield has written her first book, “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” a daughter’s story of her mother’s journey through the debilitating stages of Alzheimer’s disease. It was written based on daily notes taken by Johnson’s father, who cared for her mother throughout her illness at their home for 15 years. It’s a story of devotion, compassion, heartbreak and, above all, enduring love.

Johnson has resided in Buckfield for 32 years with her husband, Ken. She left a nursing career in 1981 to raise their two children at home. She returned to work in 1993 as a child-care provider and assistant preschool teacher in the area.

Johnson wrote “‘Til Death Do Us Part” as a loving tribute to her father.

The 42-page paperback is available at Mr. Paperback in Lewiston, or from Johnson, 28 Jordan Road, Buckfield, ME 04220. Cost: $10.95, plus 55-cent tax; $2 for shipping.