I have tried for years to read the drivel Kalle Oakes puts out, and then quickly realize I don’t have my air-sickness bag handy, so I tend to stop after the first couple of sentences.

His column of April 10 is a perfect example of ignorance and pandering. He managed, in one brief moment, to show his ignorance of anything outside his small world of sports. It appears his only desire is to curry favor with the liberals on the editorial staff by insulting conservatives by describing the home uniforms for the Portland Sea Dogs as “whiter than the Ann Coulter fan club.”

In the interest of promoting diversity, he might be shocked to find out that there are a number of conservative blacks, Asians, and the fastest growing group is Hispanics.

He should stick to what he knows, or at least what he professes to know, and leave the insulting of the conservatives to the lame-stream media.

John Clement, Auburn

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