Boy, the last time I saw baseball this early, I was playing Little League. Maybe the Angels’ pitching staff is a bit confused.


Boston Marathon

9:30 a.m., Versus

Note to runners: YOU’RE NUTS! If officials let this race go on as planned, these runners should head to their nearest psychologist. Running 26.2 miles is bad enough. To do it during a Nor’easter is bona fide loony.


Celtics at Magic (re-run)

Noon, FSN

Who in their right mind would watch a re-run of any Celtics game? Unless, of course you are a Magic fan. Then again, the Celtics will need some magic to be contenders in the next five years.

Arena Football

Nashville vs. Orlando, Classic, 2000

4 p.m., ESPN Classic

Sorry, the word “classic” and “arena football” just look funny together.


Mets at Phillies

7 p.m., ESPN

Maybe Jimmy Rollins can avoid game-deciding errors after calling out his competition. At least at home they won’t laugh at him. Oh wait, it’s Philly. Yes, they will.


Celtics at Heat

7:30 p.m., FSN

In case you didn’t catch enough zzzzzzzzz in the afternoon, here is some live action guaranteed to put you to bed early.


Sabres at Islanders

7:30 p.m., Versus

Why, oh why, would the NHL put its playoffs on a station that most people don’t get? I’d rather watch the Maineiacs on a garbled Web cam.

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