Race, what a mighty big word.

And, no, we’re not talking about the crazies running in this morning’s Boston Marathon.

We are talking black and white, and the boundaries we have yet to knock down despite Jackie Robinson’s efforts that began 60 years ago today.

From Don Imus to confederate flags to steroids to the best golfer ever, who happens to be black, this issue has never subsided.

If anything, it has gotten worse because it isn’t so noticeable. It is hidden behind false pretenses and fake celebrations.

On this day of remembering No. 42, it feels appropriate to call out those that need to be called out.

• Don Imus: The man is an idiot. A fool. A racist pig. Yes, he is a shock jock and nothing he says should really alarm anyone. But, his show airs – er, aired – on public radio and network television. Children and impressionable adults need not hear this stuff, because it only creates ignorance about a subject that couldn’t be more important.

What I find amusing is the folks that bring up rap music and freedom of speech. You’re right, rap artists use derogatory terms as well. But, usually, not directed at any one individual or team. They are usually directed at society and its imbalance.

As for freedom of speech, I wonder if we’d be having this conversation if a black figurehead, like Chris Rock, had called out the UConn women’s basketball team, which is predominantly white, with racial slurs. Rock would be stonewalled from not only the TV and radio, but Hollywood in general.

Imus deserved to get fired. Period. No questions asked. Oh, and don’t worry about the shock jock, Sirius Satellite Radio will come knocking soon. But, at least there, you must choose to listen to his nonsense.

• Confederate flag in S.C.: South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier called out state government officials for keeping the confederate flag flying about the state house. Bravo to him. And considering more than 70 percent of this team and recruits are African-American, it needed to be said.

In this day and age, no government institution should advertise racial injustice. And, if takes a figurehead like Spurrier to call out his fan base, then kudos to him.

• Steroids: Yeah, I wrote about Barry Bonds last week. So sue me.

Just want to show you the true injustice of our court of public opinion. Jose Canseco has publicly admitted taking steroids. We call him an “idiot,” but still buy his book and trust every word he has to say. He, of course, is white.

Barry Bonds says he hasn’t knowingly used steroids. We don’t trust him. He, of course, is black. Instead, we trust two white sports writers who really can’t prove that he did anything. Does it mean he didn’t do it? No. But we are more likely to trust the white man than the black man. And, what about innocent until proven guilty?

• Tiger Woods: Is anyone as sick and tired of hearing, “Wow, Tiger blew it,” or “Tiger just isn’t the same.” Zach Johnson beat him on the last nine holes, period. Tiger Woods finished second. Hey, Jim Nantz, when is the last time you finished second in anything? Other than the ratings?

There is nothing wrong with Woods. Zero. He is the standard in which the golf world will be measured by for the foreseeable future. One tournament does make or break a great player. It motivates him to win the next one.

Was Jack Nicklaus “off” when he finished second at the Masters countless times? I can’t find that written anywhere.

Smells like a black and white issue to me.

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